Did Kristen Bell fail at parenting? Or win at it? 

As it turns out, her kids, 7-year-old Lincoln and 5-year-old Delta, did the funniest thing early this week. 

On Tuesday, the 40-year-old star went on the "Say Yes! With Carla Hall" podcast, where they talked Bell's kids. 

"I'm going to get a lot of flak for this. And let me start by saying that I don't care," the "Good Place" actress said. 

"You're allowed to give me any advice you guys want, any of these listeners. You're welcome to tell me I'm a terrible parent. I don't care." 

"Let me stress that it's non-alcoholic."

Bell shared that on Tuesday morning, she set her two kids for their Zoom classes. They had 15-minute breaks where they could do anything they want, such as grab a snack or use the bathroom. 

But on that morning, she saw the two of them at 9:30 AM drinking an O'Doul during their Zoom sessions. 

"They're both just sipping their Doulies. And I'm like, 'What must these other parents and teachers think of me?'"

However, she had to remind herself that she doesn't care what others would think of her as a mom, as she doesn't see something wrong with it.

"And then I remind myself, 'You don't care, Kristen.'"

Even outside their home and out at restaurants, her two little girls love to drink this non-alcoholic beer. 

Kristen Bell Instagram
(Photo : IG @kristenbell)

According to the "Frozen" actress, her two girls are getting accustomed to the unusual beverage which stemmed from their dad's sobriety efforts.

"The reason for this is because when we had our first child and my husband would put her in the Babybjorn, we'd walk around the neighborhood, and he'd pop a non-alcoholic beer in his hand, and the baby would paw at it and put the rim in her mouth."

Kristen Bell further explained that it had become a sentimental thing for her kids, "It makes them feel close to their dad."

Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard told their kids about his sobriety journey and "why daddy can't drink."

On September 2, the entire family celebrated Shepard's "sobriety birthday." 

Kristen Bell took to her Instagram to share a handwritten note by one of the kids to celebrate the 45-year-old star's major milestone. 

Kristen Bell Instagram
(Photo : IG @kristenbell)

"Today is my husband's 16th sobriety birthday. My daughter woke him up with this sign, and a sketch of the one and only Ronald Weasley (absolutely random and perfect)."

"Happy birthday Daxy. Thank you for dedicating your life to the hard and wonderful work of sobriety, so that we could share it with you. Xo, K, L & D." 

Dax Shepard has been sober since September 2004, and three years later, he started dating Kristen Bell. 

A former drug and alcohol addict, Shepard burst into the scene years ago when he appeared in MTV's "Punk'd" alongside Ashton Kutcher. 

Before seeing him and Bell as a wholesome couple, Shepard admitted to always ransacking his friends' prescription medicine and alcohol cabinets. However, after many struggles, he decided to get sober.  

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