Dwayne Johnson Movie Scare: 3 Terrifying Near-Death Experiences of The Rock

Dwayne Johnson trained himself with death-defying stunts inside the WWE ring. However, he attracted more danger when he started filming action and adventure films in Hollywood.

People know how Johnson went from a WWE superstar to being the highest-paid actor in Hollywood and one of the most sought-after artists in the film industry.

However, ever since he entered the industry, Dwayne Johnson's movies are mostly action and adventure where death-defying stunts are performed. While it is normal for actors to have body doubles to perform the difficult scenes, it doesn't mean they were safe from any danger. 

As for Johnson, it is not only the stunts that threatened him and gave birth to death hoaxes. With that said, we take a look at some of the near-death experiences Johnson had in his movies.

The Rock in "The Mummy Returns"

In 2001, The Rock made headlines when he landed a role in the action-adventure fantasy horror film. Although the film successfully garnered positive reviews from moviegoers and critics, "The Mummy Returns" actually made Johnson love his life even more.

In one issue of EW, director Stephen Sommers recalled how Johnson had a full-packed schedule before seeing him shoot his part in the sequel.

"He flew into Morocco on Wednesday. On Thursday, he had hair and makeup and wardrobe. And I shot him on Friday. I only shot him for one day. I had one day with him, because, on Saturday morning, he had to fly from the Sahara Desert to Detroit for a big wrestling deal," he recalled.

However, that one dedicated day for "The Mummy Returns" turned into chaos after the 48-year-old actor had a really life-threatening food poisoning and heat stroke.

Although he was already shivering at that time, Johnson showed professionalism when he threw off the blankets and asked everyone to continue filming.

Overworked During "Jumanji 3"

Dwayne Johnson has always been that healthy actor who can finish filming in one go. But while shooting "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle," he caused it to be delayed after suffering from a severe internal health problem.

While in the middle of the shoot, Johnson suddenly felt terribly sick that driving himself home felt terrible. When he went to the hospital to have his condition checked, he found out that his lungs have been filled with fluids.

"Went to work, but for the first time in my entire career - wrestling around the world thru pain and hardcore injuries - shooting movies/touring around the world - yesterday was the first time ever I tapped out with only 3 hours left in my shooting day," The Rock wrote on his Instagram account.

It was a good thing he immediately had prescriptions for his "magic potion" -- antibiotics and vitamin supplements -- which helped him escape death and be fit to work again.

Johnson Almost Said Goodbye To Acting

Dwayne Johnson's role in "Jumaji" required him to be physically buff and fit.

However, he almost lost his chance to reprise his role when he, unfortunately, suffered a labrum tear. The actor himself directly admitted to a fan that his shoulder got injured while preparing for the next "Jumanji" installment.

On Twitter, one of his followers simultaneously jested and challenged the Brahma Bull to an arm-wrestling match, and that was when he said that he was suffering from an injury.

This type of shoulder injury usually occurs when a person has been lifting weights for several years. Seeing how Johnson maintained his physique now makes people wonder whether he quietly suffered and endured it multiple times in the past.

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