It has been an eventful last 24 hours for Kanye West. As always, his Twitter rants did not disappoint as millions of people tune in for the rapper to spill the tea but, at the same time, are worried about his sanity. 

With all of the bombshells the "Jesus Walks" rapper has been dropping on his social media account, it wouldn't be surprising if there are already several lawsuits waiting to be served personally at his Wyoming home's door. 

Here are some of the most outrageous things Kanye West has done in the last 24 hours that screams, "You're getting sued!" 

Leaked another person's contact information

The 43-year-old rapper took to his Twitter to upload a screenshot of the editors' contact information at Forbes magazine. 

Randall Lane is the chief content editor of Forbes Media and an editor of the magazine.

It's unclear what his issue was with Lane or with Forbes, but this wasn't the first time he has had the publication problems. 

Forbes already declared him a billionaire months ago, much to the magazine's chagrin. But it wasn't enough for him that Kanye West texted the outlet to say that his net worth is more than a billion. 

He tweeted, along with Lane's contact number as "Randall Forbes," saying, "If any of my fans want to call a white supremacist ... this is the editor of Forbes."

Hours later, his friend and basketball player Rick Fox confirmed that Kanye West was locked out of his Twitter account for 12 hours. 

However, it seems like he's already back on the platform. 

Published images of his recording contracts

West's latest Twitter outburst might be the widest one yet. Early this week, Kanye West declared he wanted out of his contract from Universal Records and Sony because he didn't want to work in the music industry known as "modern-day slavery."

He reportedly wants ownership of his songs, similar to what Taylor Swift did to Big Machine Records. 

"When you sign a music deal you sign away your rights. Without the masters you can't do anything with your own music," he tweeted.

"Someone else controls where it's played and when it's played. Artists have nothing except the fame, touring and merch."

On Wednesday, he took to Twitter to upload each page of his Universal contract, saying, "I need every lawyer in the world to look at these." 

A few minutes later, she shared screenshots of ten documents that included several amendments, including a profit-sharing agreement and recording agreement. 

The contracts are still up on his Twitter page as of writing.

Urinated on his Grammy awards

Though this won't get him sued, it's entirely a bizarre thing to do. 

After his two dozen tweets, Kanye West posted a video of himself peeing on his Grammy trophies that were in the toilet. 

He claims that Universal and Sony have "tried to bury him alive," In a desperate move, he asked Taylor Swift for support and Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Bono. 

His wife is his lawyer.

Good luck with Kanye West as he posted unofficial merchandise on Twitter that had the words "Kim is my lawyer."

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star has been studying to become a certified lawyer and is ready to take on the bar exams in 2022.

Fans on Twitter are extremely worried about the rapper, saying, "He's not crazy! He needs help."

Other people suggest that they should take West's electronics away from him.  

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