Cardi B Sparked Pregnancy and Pedophilia Rumors Amid Divorce Battle

After announcing her divorce to Offset, Cardi B faces left and right drama concerning her seeking attention and racism. Now the rapper has sparked another rumor brought by her bizarre Instagram post.

On Sunday night, the "WAP" hitmaker took to social media to share what it appears to be her midnight snack of choice. The photo features a two-piece chocolate chip cookies with a major twist: it is covered in ketchup.

Yes, you read that right, a chocolate cookie paired with the famous condiment that is not a usual match.

"Good night," Cardi wrote alongside the photo, adding a kiss emoji.

Although it is not confirmed if Cardi B indeed munched on her weird combo, the photo drew mixed reactions from fans who are also confused on why the rapper would put ketchup on top of a delicious cookie.

Some followers have straight out expressed their disgust over the rapper's uncanny snack.

"Wait... I was with ya on plantain with ketchup... but this?" Cardi B's fellow singer, Lizzo, wrote.

"I love ketchup, but this ain't it," one follower commented.

"Girl you tripping. Who tf put ketchup on some damn cookies," another one added.

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 GOODNIGHT A post shared by  Cardi B (@iamcardib) on Sep 20, 2020 at 11:19pm PDT


Is Cardi B Pregnant?

Meanwhile, the bizarre snack combo also sparked assumptions that the 27-year-old rapper might be pregnant.

"You must be pregnant," one fan wrote.

"If you pregnant, just say it," another one added.

The pregnancy rumors intensified after Cardi B recently posted a photo of a McDonald's french fries packaging filled with ketchup, while the sauce cap contains tiny pieces of fries.

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I’m sleepy .Goodnight . A post shared by  Cardi B (@iamcardib) on Sep 22, 2020 at 10:21pm PDT

Pedophilia Symbols

While some fans think about the possible baby cooking inside Cardi B's oven, others are quick to assume that the photo actually delivers some darker message than just a cookie and ketchup.

Some followers are convinced that the "Bodak Yellow" rapper sends a secret pedophilia code through the ketchup's swirl design.

"That is the pedophilia symbols for boys and girls preference. Either she trolling or she's letting it be known she's with them. Jesus help us all," one user suggested.

"She drew 2 pedo symbols on the cookies. Quickly lookup boy/girl lover symbol and wake up," another one wrote, adding the hashtag #SAVEOURCHILDREN.

"Is it me, but isn't this the "little boy lover symbol?" another one added.

In April 2016, the "Daily Mail" reported that the FBI discovered that pedophiles use some symbol to communicate their disgusting sexual preference among young boys and girls.

One of the symbols includes a spiraling blue triangle inside a framed triangle, which means the "BoyLover logo." It is used by pedophiles who prefer young boys.

Pedophiles also use another symbol called the "LittleBoyLover logo" to signal that they prefer much younger boys. This symbol is also a blue triangle spiral but appears to be doodled or drawn by a child.

There is also a "GirlLover" logo, which looks like a heart inside a bigger heart, indicating that a male or female pedo prefers young girls.

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