Prince Harry, Meghan Markle HORROR: Ghosts Heard at Royal Wedding Ceremony?

At the royal wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Bishop opened up about his spooky memories of that day in 2018.

Bishop Michael Curry discussed his new book "Love Is the Way" in an interview with People magazine and detailed how he heard voices as he presented his 15-minute sermon in front of Queen Elizabeth II.

"I just remember it was like I could feel slaves around the place," the 67-year-old author said.

"I don't mean to be spooky, but it was like their voice was somehow heard that day. I included one of their songs, 'There is a Balm in Gilead.'" Thankfully, the Queen was "most gracious" about including the hymn, which was sang by slaves to lighten their misery.

The Chicago native added, "It was like their voice, one of their songs, one of their descendants was there that day."

He continued, "The fact that all happened, for me, it's a sign of hope."


Bishop Curry thinks that the incident was a sign of hope for people captured in the British slave trade. He further claimed that the slaves were using their voice meant, "we don't have to be the way we've always been."

He felt like it was a positive sign of "change" to come.

The book Bishop Michael Curry has written many of the same themes he touched on during his sermon for the British royal family two years ago.

The book's description reads, "As the descendant of slaves and the son of a civil rights activist, Bishop Michael Curry's life illustrates massive changes in our times."

It further says, "He expands on his message of hope in an inspirational road map for living the way of love, illuminated with moving lessons from his own life."

Bishop Curry's book also includes a guide to help readers confront their difficulties from racism to poverty and even fight to gain recognition of the LGBTQ members in the Episcopal Church.

The book's primary purpose is to give a lesson in "unselfish love."

Speaking to TODAY, "You can live a life based on and grounded in love. A love that's unselfish that does seek the good and the welfare and the well-being of others, as well as yourself."

Though he's not currently in contact with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, he said that he prays for them.

He also shared that he has spoken to them numerous times and had always felt the love between them and the power it brought to unite across borders.

In his sermon at the royal wedding, he said, "Oh, there's power, power in love. Not just in its romantic forms, but any form, any shape of love."

Bishop Curry also added that he sees his many values in Meghan Markle and is hoping that the Duchess of Sussex uses her platform also to encourage others.

Speaking about the 39-year-old mom's recent activism, he said, "We need people to live up other people."

"There are enough negativity and enough putting people down, and there's enough hurt, and we don't need anymore hurt."

On May 19, 2018, over 17 million viewers watched Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding in Britain alone.

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