As it turns out, Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr. have known each other for nine months.

The "queen of public make-outs" has reportedly been a regular at Vitolo Jr.'s restaurant in New York, Emilio's Batallo. During the time she and ex-boyfriend Jamie Foxx were still dating.

Afterward, Holmes has asked Vitolo Jr. to teach her how to cook because she wanted to learn to cook for herself and daughter Suri.

A source told The Mirror, "Katie, who is not the best cook, asked Emilio to help hone her skills when she moved back to New York as she'd been getting fed-up with always ordering in and cooking the same thing."

It has also been reported that the 33-year-old Italian chef and the 43-year-old mom-of-one are "practically living" at the actress' apartment. They have even been talking about moving in together.

The source added that Vitolo Jr. is excited to become a dad and have kids with the "Dawson's Creek" star.

On the other hand, Holmes has also been telling friends that she wants to have a baby with Vitolo Jr.

The Mirror also reported that their kiss was the reason Katie Holmes fell in love with Emilio Vitolo Jr.; however, it was unclear when it was exactly.

Holmes has also reportedly help Vitolo Jr. get cast opposite her in a short romantic film that was shot last month.

This is after Vitolo Jr. has ended his engagement to fiancée Rachel Emmons via text, after the 24-year-old saw photos of the chef and the actress kissing in public.

Holmes continues to insist that she didn't have anything to do with their breakup.

The source said, "Katie insists she had nothing to do with their split, which would have happened anyway as they were unhappy."


Emilio Vitolo Jr. the Ladykiller

On Saturday,Page Six described Katie Holmes' new boyfriend as a ladykiller.

An insider told the outlet that as she waited to be served in Emilio's Ballato, Vitolo Jr. was there "bopping around and charming everyone."

While the chef was talking to a group when one of them said they were moving to Los Angeles, Vitolo Jr. looked at the insider and laughed, " Why would you do that?'" as if the insider was part of the conversation.

"It was charming. He made me feel like I was part of the conversation. He's got that knack that good hosts have," the insider shared.

Even though flirting and charming people were part of his job, Vitolo Jr. has eyes only for Katie Holmes.

The couple was first spotted in a public make-out session on September 1 at the Antique Garage in Soho.

That same day, however, another insider revealed that it was the day the chef sent his then-fiancée a breakup text.

Vitolo Jr. and Emmons were together for two years, and just got engaged in February 2019.

A week before they broke up, Vitolo Jr. celebrated his birthday with a couple of pals in Balzem in New York. Photos at the party, which was reportedly thrown by Emmons, showed that she still had her engagement ring on display.

On September 2, the next day after the breakup, Emmons reportedly moved out of their shared apartment, bringing only the things she could carry.

A tipster told Page Six, "She left her engagement ring and all her furniture behind. She then saw the photos of Emilio and Katie as she was flying home to Oklahoma."

The tipster further shared that Rachel Emmons is okay and keeping her head up as she tries to handle everything with grace. She will be returning to New York soon.

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