People have been using coconut oil in the Philippines and some Asian countries as a natural beauty product. For so many years, it has been used as a moisturizer, scrubber and cleanser at the same time.

While it seems like it has been used in all ways possible, coconut oil turns out to be a great makeup brush cleaner, too.

Why People Need To Clean Their Makeup Brushes

If you are fond of putting makeup, you know very well that using brushes to put on makeup is a must. You may also have your own skincare routine to make sure that your face is clean enough before putting makeup on.

However, some of you may tend to forget that brushed need to be cleaned, too.

Cleaning your makeup brushes on a daily basis is essential. By keeping them as clean as possible, you also save yourself from dirt and bacteria that can live inside an uncleaned brush.

Aside from microscopic dirt and bacteria, makeup brushes can also accumulate dead skin cells. When this happens, it can  block and clog pores, leading to dull skin.

For what it's wort, when you start cleaning your makeup brushes with coconut oil, you will soon feel that they become less irritating to your skin. Furthermore, it can help your favorite brushes last for a long time, allowing you to save money at the same time.

How Coconut Oil Can Clean Makeup Brushes

Coconut oil in the Philippines and other tropical countries is the quickest and most inexpensive but effective way to clean makeup brushes.

One of its primary benefits is that it can give your brushes a great scent. Since coconut oil can be combined with essential oils, you can mix them to achieve the aroma you want. That's a whole new experience with your makeup brushes!

Moreover, coconut oil is known for being an antifungal and antibacterial agent. This makes it more ideal to be used as brush clean to prevent bacteria and dirt from building up.

Meanwhile, the oil itself can protect its bristles enough to stop the buildup of more bacteria. This way, your brushes will feel silky smooth and brand new.

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes With Coconut Oil

To make your own easy and inexpensive makeup brush cleaner, you can follow the instructions we found and you are good to go.

For a simple cleaner, you can directly pour the melted coconut oil onto the brush before swirling it on the back of your hands until the makeup residue transfers.

Once done, you can finally wash your brush under running water until it is clear. For a better result, you can repeat the whole process before leaving the brush out to completely dry.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your makeup tools can leave a huge impact on your routin, especially since unsoiled brushes can help you apply makeup much easier.

Your makeup brushes have direct contact to your skin. By using coconut oil as a cleaner, you will no longer need to worry whether they can cause acne or other skin problems.

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