Brad Pitt's new girl, Nicole Poturalski may have won the attention of the press and paparazzi, but it looks like the German model will never win the approval of Brad's children, particularly his eldest biological child, Shiloh. 

Last month, Brad Pitt sent shockwaves to the internet after he was spotted hopping on board with a woman half his age and a spitting-image of his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. Page Six reported that the 56-year-old actor boards a private jet from Paris to South of France with the model, Nicole Poturalski.

The news outlet also confirmed that the 27-year-old model is Brad Pitt's newest girlfriend, while still in the middle of a gruelling divorce drama with Jolie.

While the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" actor is busy jet-setting with his young girlfriend, his daughter Shiloh is also busy bonding with his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. It turns out that the 14-year-old daughter of Brad to ex-wife Angelina Jolie wants Jennifer to be her stepmom.

According to "New Idea," Shiloh is growing closer to her father's first wife. A source revealed that Jen's Los Angeles Bel Air house became Shiloh's escape destination whenever she needed a break from her Angelina Jolie's Los Feliz estate. 

"Shiloh prefers peace and quiet, and with her brothers and sisters roaring around and her mum juggling a thousand things at once, Shiloh just needed a place to relax," the source said. 

The "Friends" alum is said to feel sorry for the young woman being stuck between two parents. She told Shiloh that she is welcome at her place, and the teenage Pitt quickly jumped on the opportunity.

"At first she was just tagging along with Brad when he stopped by, but lately, she's been going alone," the insider claims, adding that actress has become a significant adult in Shilo's life.  

Several sources claim that Shiloh visits Jennifer at least once a week and plays with the actress' dogs named Sophie and Clyde. They also bond over making homemade pizza at Jenn's patio.  

Angelina Jolie's Wrath

Shiloh's unexpected relationship with her father's ex did not sit well with her 45-year-old "Maleficient" star mother. Rumor has it that Jolie is planning to make a big move to London once her divorce with Brad Pitt has been finalized. She is planning to bring all her kids, namely Shiloh, Maddox, 19, Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, and 12-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox on the other side of the world.

While Shilo's will surely be devastated to move far from her chosen stepmom, the source said that nothing would change Jolie's mind from moving to London.

"If Shiloh told the truth about why she wanted to stay, namely to be closer to Brad and Jen, her mum would be more determined than ever to split them up," the source claims.

"It wouldn't surprise me if getting Shiloh away from Jen and Brad was one of her motivating factors to move overseas, not that she'd ever admit it," the source added.

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