Coconut oil in the Philippines and other countries is the best tropical oil you can use as part of your daily beauty and skincare routine.

Although it is not like those pricey beauty products with sophisticated packaging, coconut oil has a power that those products do not have and cannot achieve.

For the past few years, coconut oil has risen to popularity after several studies proved its effectiveness and health benefits. Beyond cooking, it has been proven effective as a natural moisturizer.

Even the Harvard School of Public Health seconded its effectiveness by featuring coconut oil on their website.

Per the university, they have proven that coconut oil "is an effective moisturizer for skin and hair. Using a small amount, gently massage directly into skin. For dry or frizzy hair, apply a small amount to the hair shaft and leave in for desired time (a few minutes to overnight), and then wash out."

Most people now opt to use a tablespoon of it to keep their skin or hair soft and smooth. The bottom line is, coconut oil in the Philippines and other tropical countries cannot only be used inside the kitchen.

Instead, you can also have a jarful of it and place it inside your bathroom to try these useful beauty hacks.

Treating Your Dandruff

Coconut oil is not just an all-inclusive beauty product, but it can also be the best hair care product for you!

One of the main problems during summer is the occurrence of dandruff. Since people sweat too much during this time, it allows dead and excess skin cells to accumulate on its own and become flaky.

When this happens, the flakes -- which become dandruff -- can irritate and make you feel itchy once you scratch your hair.

Aside from heat, a fungus called Malassezia causes this to happen. Clearly, this materialized when you do not wash your hair enough on a regular basis.

It is a good thing, though, that you can have coconut oil as your savior.

Due to its power to moisturize skin, it can reduce dandruff and its symptoms in an instant. It also has an anti-fungal property to keep your hair and scalp free from any unwanted fungus or bacteria.

Use Coconut Oil as Deodorant

Coconut oil as a deodorant? It is possible!

When you thought that its power only focuses on moisturizing and being an anti-fungal product, coconut oil shows more.

Besides using it on your body and hair, you can also try putting coconut oil on your underarm for added protection. Having coconut oil on that specific part of your body may sound weird, but its fatty acids -- like lauric acid -- can do the job for you.

This type of acid is renowned for its antibacterial characteristics and benefits. Thus, a coconut oil deodorant can, therefore help reduce the amount of bacteria in moist areas like your underarm.

After trying it, it will leave you refreshed and smelling clean all day long -- probably like cookies, too!

As Skin Moisturizer

It has been proven that coconut oil can act as a skin moisturizer, which is the best thing about it.

Coconut oil can be that miracle product that will turn your dry skin into a well-hydrated one. With this, you can keep the bacteria out to make your skin healthy and soft.

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