Melania Trump's former best friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, shared some explosive recordings about the First Lady.

Wolkoff secretly recorded conversations with the former model in the summer of 2018 after leaving her role as an adviser.

CNN aired the recordings on Thursday night that showed Melania expressing her frustration over media perception on major issues such as her husband's child separation policy.

Christmas decorations than meaningful work?

The recordings included Melania expressing her disappointment at having decorating duties at the White House for Christmas. At the same time, people criticized her for not doing any meaningful work during her husband's Presidential term.

"I'm working my a**off with the Christmas stuff that, you know, who gives a f*** about Christmas stuff and decorations, but I need to do it, right?" Melania Trump told Wolkoff.

She continued, "And then I do it, and I say I'm working on Christmas and planning for Christmas," Trump continued."

"And they say, 'What about the children that are separated?' Give me a f****** break."

One part of the audio, the former model insisted that she help the kids at the border be reunited with their parents, but had to do the process and follow the law.

"I was trying to get the kid reunited with the mom. I didn't have a chance. It needs to go through the process and the law."

It's unclear which child and mother Melania was referring to.

Kids are happy to be in detention camps

In the same conversation with Wolkoff, Melania Trump believed that the kids held in detention camps are happy to be in American custody.

She is heard saying, "All these kids that I met they were, they're here in the shelters because they were brought by it through Coyotes, the people who were trafficking - that's why they put them in jail."

Melania references the kids who were shocked that they have their beds and could sleep on a bed.

Though the First Lady said it was sad that their not with their kids, they should be fortunate that the children are well taken care of in detention centers.

Wolkoff told CNN that she thinks Melania Trump would've had a maternal concern for the kids, but would likely ignore all of it to fit in with the ideals of Donald Trump's administration.

"So regardless of that, she steps in line, and she just decides that what she has heard and what she's been told is what the rule of law is in our country."

 The infamous jacket

In one part of the interview, Wolkoff told Cooper that the infamous "I really don't care, do u?" jacket was a publicity stunt.

The mom-of-one wore the jacket as she visited a migrant child detention center to ensure that people knew she was going to the border.

The former BFF revealed that the statement's motive was to celebrate they had "something over" than the Obamas, who didn't visit any migrant camps during their time.

Wolkoff said, "They do things, not for the purpose that good deeds are done for."

"Good deeds are done for the intent of doing good, not for the attention you get for doing good deeds," she added.

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