Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo have been gracing the Internet with their PDA pictures in recent weeks. At the very least, fans of the actress know that this is for real and that Vitolo is undoubtedly smitten by her.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with Vitolo's mom -- at least at first. 

According to Page Six, Katie and Emilio's relationship initially upset Vitolo's mom. A New York restaurateur, Emilio was reported to have dumped his girlfriend just to be with Holmes. Lourdes Vitolio reportedly did not like how things were going at the time. 

After all, Vitolo and his ex-girlfriend, Rachel Emmons, were already engaged for 18 months by early September, the time when he and Holmes' kissing pictures surfaced online. The mom just did not like the kind of guy Emilio must be if he can do a thing like that to a girl.

"[Lourdes] thinks she brought him up better than that," an insider revealed to Page Six. "She didn't like how [Emilio] handled this at all."

But then, the mom could not do anything anymore if Emilio and Rachel were not having the best of relationship. The source added that Holmes is truly Emilio's type anyway.

"He likes older women," the source added. "He dated an older anchor at Fox, and others, so he has a history with older women."

Vitolio is 33 while Holmes is 41. Rachel, on the other hand, is just 24.

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo Perfect for Each Other?

According to the source, Holmes was described by an indie director who auditioned her as not a very sophisticated lady anyway. In fact, the director allegedly said Holmes was like someone from Dairy Queen if one talks to her. The source then said this is why Vitolio and Holmes are hitting it off because Emilio does not have the most sophisticated tastes either.

"So it could work out. They're not, like, discussing books, or art, or anything," the director allegedly said.

That's kind of insulting, but Holmes' camp is not going to bother replying. Page Six tried reaching out, but a rep declined to comment.

The more important thing compared to all the backlash is, of course, they are happy. According to US Weekly, Holmes and Vitolio are like young teenagers in love because they are constantly smiling and laughing

Not to mention all the PDA they keep doing. A source said that Emilio lights up whenever he sees Katie. They also always kiss and hug as if they have not seen each other for so long when, in fact, it's already almost every day that they are dating.

Unlike his mom, Emilio's friends approve greatly of Katie. They love it that she makes him smile and laugh all the time. The loving looks they share with each other is making the chef's friends happy too.

"They think she's so great for him," the Us Weekly source revealed. 

Interestingly, even if his mom disapproves, Emilio's dad is said to be getting along well with Holmes after they met recently: "Katie was making him laugh and Emilio Sr. seemed very happy with Katie as well." the source explained.

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