In the new episode of "Look What COVID Made Me Do," a bunch of Hollywood celebrities strips naked in an attempt to call the attention of Americans and encourage them to vote, weeks before the US Presidential election.

Famous Hollywood stars including "Avengers" star Mark Ruffalo, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, and more bare it all in a new public service announcement hoping to educate the public in sending their votes via mail.

In the video released by the nonpartisan organization "RepresentUs," the celebs detailed voting instructions including using a black pen, how to stuff ballot in the envelope, and how to make their vote counts and still practice social distancing at the same time.

"If you don't do exactly as I tell you, then your ballot could get thrown out," the 49-year-old Silverman said while both her hands cup her boobs.

"Mail your ballots as soon as you can," Frozen voice actor Josh Gad said.

"Don't sit up. Get those things out asap," 52-year-old Ruffalo added.

But if you're wondering why they have to get undress and get naked in front of the camera, the actors and TV personalities are trying to send a message and informing the public about the so-called "naked ballot."

"There are two envelopes you have to stuff your envelope in; otherwise it's called a naked ballot," Amy Schumer explains.

Sixteen states like Pennsylvania require voters to insert mail-in ballot with two separate envelopes to be counted.

"Naked ballots - you don't want one of those!" comedian Chelsea Handler said as she pans the camera up and down, showing how she covers her breast with her hands.

Other stars who joined in the naked campaign are Naomi Campbell, Tiffany Haddis, Chris Rock, Ryan Bathe, and "Borat" star Sacha Baron Cohen.

While the PSA claims that the group of celebrities "bares it all" for the 2-minute voter education clip, the video did not show any explicit material. It only shows men participants from mid-chest and up, while most females recorded their messages from shoulders up.

Despite having a good intention and message to spread across the country, the campaign against naked ballot drew massive backlash from internet users who thinks it is an unnecessary move.

"Just a reminder: Nobody asked for this," a user commented on the YouTube video.

One noted: "Celebs are weird."

"My word! These people are complete fools. FOOLS!" another one added.

"The painful irony of celebs (who protected Harvey Weinstein) using their own nudity to convince Americans to vote for a sex predator will not go unnoticed."

"Actors are desperate for work. I vote you put your clothes on."

Meanwhile, others likened the unnecessary campaign to the infamous COVID-19 viral clip of celebrities singing John Lennon's "Imagine" lead by "Wonder Woman" star Gal Gadot. The clip features celebrities singing at the top of their lungs while on lockdown in their respective mansion.

"First came 'Imagine.' Then came 'I Take Responsibility.' And now, the 2020 trilogy of 'montage videos of irrelevant celebrities spouting nonsense' is complete," one commented.

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