Brad Pitt is facing legal charges after a Texas woman claims he wooed her with talks of marriage and then ripping her off of the money that was supposed to be for a charity appearance he never appeared in.

The actor's lawyers, however, said that it was not Pitt that she was dealing with but an online scammer.

The Legal Claims Against Brad Pitt

Kelli Christina, a healthcare CEO hailing from Plano, Texas, is claiming she shelled out $40,000 for the actor to appear five times on various events that she arranged for his charity, Make It Right Foundation. This foundation is designed for the noble cause of constructing new homes for those whose shelters were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. 

All these details are found in court papers she filed for this legal action, per PageSix.

Christina said that the actor has become so close to her that they even discussed marriage. Unfortunately, it does not appear that these discussions took place face to face.

Brad Pitt's Counter Motion

According to Pitt's lawyers, the one in conversation with the complainant was not the actor, but rather a cyber scammer who just pretended to be Brad.  The Oscar winner's legal team is not taking the case lightly, as they also filed a motion in Texas court Wednesday to request the case to be dismissed. 

The team was firm in claiming Pitt was not the one dealing with Christina in any capacity. The same goes for the charity Christina claims she has been arranging events for.

"Neither the Make It Right Entities nor Mr. Pitt entered into an agreement with Plaintiff," the documents for Pitt's camp said. "Rather, as [Christina] herself has acknowledged, it appears [Christina's] communications about any agreement were apparently with one or more individuals unlawfully posing as - but not in any way affiliated with - defendants online."

The legal team of the actor further elucidated that Christina admitted herself that she was talking to "Fake Brad Pitts." 

How Was Christina "Duped" For So Long?

Based on the documents filed by the complainant, "Pitt" canceled at the very last minute for each event that she arranged. She never doubted such instances because the actor keeps saying "next time." 

Christina, however, is accusing the said "Pitt" she was talking to of pocketing the money even if he did not appear in the events.

A PageSixe source then said that the whole thing is just a sad case of someone being scammed, specifically that of an "online celebrity internet scam." It's an unfortunate situation wherein the celebrities are being dragged into a situation they have nothing to do about, along with victims who have been duped by wily scammers. 

Pitt's motion to dismiss is not deterring the complainant, though. Despite saying she was duped and that the actor has nothing to do with all these, Christina is determined to push back. 

She said that the lawsuit is important for the country so she would continue it. Christina even said she would continue fighting Brad Pitt and the Make It Right Foundation to gain justice. The complainant also warned the actor to not take the suit lightly since she has 113 pages of evidence to back up her allegations.

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