Though they are now broken up, Scott Disick and Sofia Richie allegedly had plans to get married last year.

Star magazine previously claimed that Lionel Richie's youngest daughter was "itching to get hitched" to the Talentless CEO so they could start their family together.

Aside from getting married, the model also reportedly wanted to be a young mother and have Scott's kids right away.

An unnamed friend told the outlet at that time, "In fact, nobody would be surprised if Scott and Sofia are already trying for a baby behind closed doors."

Another source told Star, "Sofia's been texting Scott screengrabs of wedding rings and wedding venues."

"Word is, they're talking about having a New Year's ceremony in Malibu with fireworks."

Though in the past, Lord Disick said he wasn't the marrying type, the source alleged that he has fallen deeply for Sofia "and will do anything to make her happy."

Scott, Sofia hid their engagement from Kourtney?

The same source babbled that the former couple hid news of their engagement from Kourtney.

They added that the former couple planned to invite Scott's ex, Kourtney Kardashian, and the rest of her family.

Star magazine asserted that if Scott Disick and Sofia Richie found a way to reveal the news to his kids' mom, they would proceed with their plans right away.

A threesome?

NW claimed that Sofia, Scott, and Kourtney were having threesomes.

According to their insider, it allowed the dad-of-three to "act like a Roman emperor."

They added that the three "were having a blast together" but are worried that one of the ladies would end up in tears of jealousy.

At that time, Scott was also worried that either one of them fell pregnant, or worse, both of them would wind up pregnant.

Rumors debunk

Gossip Cop determined that Star's and NW's stories are all untrue.

There was never any truth to Scott and Sofia planning their matrimony at all.

Today, Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have split up. At the same time, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott have been co-parenting their children wonderfully.

When the trio went on a vacation with the kids, it was reported that Sofia never felt like a third wheel or even got into an ugly fight with Scott.

A source told People magazine that the three had a wonderful time together.

However, one part of the story is correct - Scott Disick is the marrying kind.

In fact, he planned on proposing to Kourtney while they filmed for "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" in 2011. He even purchased a ring for her.

Moreover, when Scott found out that Kourtney wasn't interested in getting married, he decided not to propose at all.

It also seems like neither of the two ladies would be getting back with Scott Disick anytime soon.

Recently, he has been spotted out and about with different ladies.

One of the alleged ladies he dated was 24-year-old Bella Banos, but rumors of them being a couple quickly faded when Scott was seen with another woman the following days.

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