Another day, another Max Ehrich drama. 

It seems like the soap opera actor isn't giving up when it comes to Demi Lovato. 

Sources told TMZ that the 29-year-old is releasing a song about their ill-fated romance. 

Ehrich has reportedly recorded a song in his makeshift studio in the home he used to share with Lovato during the quarantine. 

TMZ said the song would detail the first time they met and his reported "inner dialogue" at that time, including being "terrified" of falling in love with the Disney alum.

The song would also tackle him falling for Demi Lovato instantly and how he can't sleep at night, knowing he wanted to be with her forever. 

Max Ehrich's song is scheduled to drop on Friday. 

The "Young and Reckless" star's move comes after Lovato's leaked track "Still Have Me," which discussed her pain in the lyrics. 

Demi says, "no, thanks"

Max Ehrich's desperate move is said to, no doubt, spark some annoyance within the singer-actress amid their split.

Because Ehrich seems like he isn't stopping anytime soon, an E! News source revealed that Lovato had sought legal advice as she continues dealing with him. 

The young actor is reportedly not leaving Lovato alone since they ended their two-month engagement and six-month relationship.

"She's having all sorts of issues with Max not leaving her alone," said the source. 

"He has been trying to get in contact with her family and friends, and they have all blocked him," the source added. "She's in contact with lawyers now on what to do." 

The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer previously revealed how her ex-fiancé's behavior is making her feel. 

Another insider divulged that Lovato doesn't want any contact with him at all, as she's already embarrassed at the way he's been acting and blasting their relationship on social media

The source added, "She wants nothing to do with him."

Demi Lovato, Max Ehrich Engaged
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Ehrich's healing experience

A few days ago, Max Ehrich was spotted crying and looking emotional in Malibu Beach. 

It is reportedly the same place where he proposed to Demi Lovato. 

Sources told TMZ that sulking at the beach was a "healing experience." 

Max Ehrich | Reactions
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Bombshell accusations

Ehrich hasn't been shy from sharing his sentiments of their breakup. Early this month, he even claimed that the "Camp Rock" star used their split as a publicity stunt.

He said he only found out about their breakup after reading it in the media. 

"It's just the craziest thing. This is the most bizarre experience that I hope no one ever has to experience," Ehrich shared. "Because no person deserves to feel this way." 

Ehrich also mentioned how Lovato was allowing her fans to bully him. 

He revealed to the paparazzi that social media users have been bullying him and that it needs to stop because people allegedly don't know what went on between him and Lovato. 

The actor-turned-singer is hoping that people will give them privacy. 

Despite getting the silent treatment from his ex-fiancée, he still wished the "Don't Forget" singer "the best." 

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