More and more celebrities are discovering the power of coconut oil. One of them is Emma Stone, who has previously shared the secret she discovered about the miracle product.

Among the hundreds of Hollywood celebrities out there, Emma's beauty remains one of the most timeless ever.

Her natural beauty has been one of her biggest assets since she debuted as an actress.

While some people thought that it just came from her family genetics, Emma actually has a beauty routine that involves coconut oil.

How Coconut Oil Highlights Emma's Beauty More

In 2013, the 31-year-old actress sat down for an interview with Vogue, wherein she revealed her beauty routine.

Aside from her make-up hacks, Emma divulged how coconut oil in the Philippines and other tropical countries became part of her daily essentials.

Per the "La La Land" star, she is almost allergic to every chemically-formulated beauty essentials.

Because of that fact, she started using an extra virgin olive oil on her skin.

But her ultimate beauty secret comes out at night when she finally needs to take off her make-up.

"At night, I take off my make-up with coconut oil. And I always have Josie Maran Argan Oil with me. That was a game changer," she said. "I think my make-up artist, Rachel Goodwin, first introduced me to it and I love it."

How Coconut Oil Helps Emma Take Care of Her Skin

As a natural make-up remover, coconut oil truly saved her from a lot of things -- including time and money.

Compared to other products, coconut oil is way cheaper and more effective as well. Experts have proven why using this natural product is the best option to take.

People like Emma knows that coconut oil is exceptionally antibacterial and anti-yeast. This is definitely the secret behind her youthful-looking skin.

Since she is an actress, having it as her go-to product also helps her apply eyeliner and mascara easily.

Wanna Try it Yourself?

Coconut oil in the Philippines and other Asian countries is also easy to use since you will not need to buy abrasive washcloths or cotton pads anymore. By putting a tablespoon of coconut oil and gently rubbing it onto your dry skin, you will instantly see the results.

You can also focus on the part of your face with heavy make-up on first before rubbing it to other parts. Once it finally removes your make-up, you can just watch it off, and voila! Your skin will surely look cleaner and more moisturized than ever!

When picking the best coconut oil, you need to make sure that it is organic and unrefined. That way, you will not experience any skin problems and get the best benefits of it instead.

Once you master the way you should use it like Emma, the power of coconut oil will finally be on your hands.

There are a lot of benefits from coconut oil, which ius why it is not that surprising to see celebs like Emma Stone pledge by it.

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