Are Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton secretly over? 

InTouch reported on their October 26, 2020 issue that the "Hollaback Girl" hitmaker walked out on the country superstar. 

According to their source, the reason for Gwen walking away from her long-time boyfriend is due to the fact that she still doesn't have a ring on her finger. 

They added a massive argument that erupted between the two singers after Blake wrote a heartfelt message and posted it on Instagram in honor of Gwen's 51st birthday weeks ago. 

"They've been dating for five years, and Gwen really thought Blake was going to propose on her birthday finally," the source snitched. 

"But he didn't. and that's when things got heated."

The Argument

According to their source, Gwen Stefani really wanted to know why Blake Shelton still hasn't proposed after all these years. 

Apparently, his answer shook Blake, expressing that he wasn't planning to marry her at all.

Blake has already been married twice before but was really on the rocks about getting married for the third time. 

But that was reportedly the last straw for Gwen as she stomped out of the house and checked into a hotel that night. 

Gwen has already reportedly dropped subtle hints to her man that she wants a ring on her finger and has expected that he would be smart enough to see them. 

The source revealed how the No Doubt singer has been picking up bridal magazines in front of him, but nothing has changed. 

Despite putting a massive amount of pressure on Blake, Gwen reportedly grew "increasingly frustrated." 

Back Again?

After Gwen walked away, Blake allegedly didn't seem too worried at first. But now, the source said he had a change of heart. 

The source revealed that he expected his girlfriend to come back after their massive argument, and when she didn't, "the tables turned."

"He missed her like crazy, and it hit home that he'd taken her for granted. He realized he'd made the biggest mistake of his life letter her go like that," the source claimed.

Then it was just a series of calls and asking for forgiveness from Blake Shelton to Gwen Stefani. 

He begged for him to give her a second chance. 

Despite Gwen not making it easy for her "The Voice" co-star, she finally gave in. 

The source said, "He's promised to make it up to her. Who knows, he may even end up popping the question after all."  

Rumors Debunked

Gossip Cop looked into InTouch's dramatic article and determined that this Gwen and Blake story is not true. 

Just recently, Gwen Stefani told People magazine that she loves spending time with Blake and her three kids at their new Los Angeles home. 

Gossip Cop said, "That doesn't sound like a woman who spent a night in a hotel, angry over a missed proposal." 

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been the subjects of different rumors of their relationship, probably because many people are waiting for them to get married finally. 

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