People are having a field day with Billie Eilish once more. People picked on her outfit last time, with some even fat-shaming her. This time, people are focused on her shoes.

The "Lovely" singer cannot control her ranting when fans said her Nikes were pink instead of mint green. It's very similar to "The Dress" situation, where people all of over the world got divided over whether it is blue or gold. 

The 18-year-old singer participated in a Q&A and a "The Dress" question came up, prompting her to relay the experience she had with her shoes.

"Years ago, I was wearing these shoes," Billie Eilish said on her Instagram Stories posted on Oct. 17, per HollywoodLife.  "My dad's like, 'those shoes are so cool. Are they like, pink and white?'"

Billie showed the shoes, and said while inserting shock in her voice: "Pink and white? Pink and white, he said. Pink and white. Oh, my god."

The shoes Eilish is pertaining to is her Nike Air More Uptempo in light mint green and white, but it registered as pink to her dad. Expecting people to agree with her frustration, Eilish was  shocked that people also started to agree with her dad that the shoes were in pink and white. 


Taking to their social media, many fans said they saw pink and white and not white and mint green.

""How does she post that many stories of her shoes and not see that they're PINK??" one fan wrote.

"Pls i just watched billie's insta story and those shoes were PINK AND WHITE WTFFFFF" another shared. 

Since it is her shoes, Eilish knows perfectly what the color of her shoes is. With that said, she is furious people are insisting they are not the color she said they are.   

On October 18, Eilish decided to address the furor, refusing to let people think the shoes are in the wrong color as they are saying.

"So I've come to the conclusion that you guys just don't know your sneakers at all," she said in her IG Story again. "The people that agree with me are - because they know what the f-ck the shoe looks like - are all sneakerheads."

In the background, her mom can be heard telling her to stop ranting anymore because there are bigger problems in the world. 

That got Billie laughing and saying, "You got me there." 

However, she still did not stop. She posted another story showing her mint shoes in broad daylight, wherein the mint is so much more obvious. She also placed the shoes side-by-side with a white and pink shoes to highlight the fact that it's impossible to confuse mint green from pink. 

"SO, we all know that I'm right here, even if you see something else, you know that I'm right, underneath it all," Billie said in this follow-up video.

Probably remembering what her mom said about making a small thing a problem, the singer jokingly told the camera--or her fans--that netizens have been fat-shaming her the whole week, so she deserves this moment to rant about things. 

"And real quick, before you keep arguing, or whatever the F-CK - the entire Internet's been calling me fat for a week. So let me have this. Let me have this," she said while laughing. 


Billie Eilish Fat-Shamed

Last week, Eilish was bullied for doing nothing but go out not wearing her usual baggy clothes. The 18-year-old pop star went out wearing tank top and shorts, but people just noticed that she was not in her usual attire.

Unfortunately, things escalated quickly because as the photos became even more viral, more vitriol poured out of commenter's mouths. People claimed she has a pudgy stomach and sagging breasts, eventually prompting Eilish herself to go online and shut these haters out. 

She shared a video created to remind moms they should love their bodies. In the video, calls to normalize real bodies, stomach bulges and saggy breasts are included. 


Jameela Jamil also spoke out in the singer's defense

"The Good Place" actress tweeted that it is worrying to see people bullying a mere 18-year-old about her body. She said people are forgetting that their actions are also being watched by children. 

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