Jason Derulo did not mind paying a six-figure bill after his hit single "Savage Love" recently hit number one on the Billboard charts. But he certainly has forgotten to give credit where it is due. BTS fans say they can never forgive him.

BTS fans are calling the artist out for using the band's popularity to obtain his desired chart success. This, after he neglected or forgot to thank them in a TikTok celebrating his song reaching #1 on the US Billboard Charts. It was recently turned into a BTS remix, which got fans of the latter paying attention to the song.

In this TikTok video, Derulo showed off his how happy is by capturing a celebration held at a restaurant, which included buying shots and eating cake. in the caption, he tagged his friends who were present at the celebration but not the collaborators who placed him on the congratulatory spot.

A day after commemorating the success of "Savage Love," BTS fans took to Twitter to cancel Jason Derulo.

Kpop fans noticed that Derulo did not even thank the Korean group for his victory and did not tag them on the viral celebratory post. Some also emphasized how the singer failed to give BTS credit during his interview at "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

The outrage led to a trending hashtag #JasonDeruloIsOverParty, with fans expressing their disappointment over Derulo.

"Jason Derulo can get over himself with the discrediting BTS sh*t, sir we downloaded and streamed to hear Jungkook say f*ck, ain't no one wanted to hear ur song please #JasonDeruloIsOverParty," one furious fan wrote.

"@jasonderulo Give credits to BTS because it was the REMIX that arrived FIRST IN BILLBOARD CHATS. Do not be selfish!" another one added.

After being bombarded with messages, Derulo tried to remedy the situation by retweeting the TikTok with a new caption that gave credit to out both BTS and Jawsh 685, the Kiwi teen responsible for the sick instrumentals. "Wish @BTS_twt @jawsh_685 was here for the celebration! We did it! #1 on billboard chart! Savage Love"," he now wrote.


But the fans could not care less for the gesture. They compared Derulo to Halsey and MAX, who have worked with BTS in the past, and respected the band. Derulo's actions were deemed disrespectful. 


Instagram Shoutout 

In his Instagram post, the 31-year-old singer shared how he celebrated the song's smashing success. Jason Derulo did not just party but brought the party to the patrons of the Los Angeles trendy nightspot "Catch" by treating every customer with food and drinks.

"It's a celebration @catch! SAVAGE LOVE #1 on billboard, we did it," Derulo wrote, alongside the celebratory clip. Here, he thanked the Korean band with solid fans. But it seems like an afterthought, because the focus of the clip was how much he spent on this party. 

The singer shows off the long list of the bill in the video, which includes a variety of expensive bottles of wine and drinks. One even cost around $18,000. Derulo seems to be in full celebration mode as he ended up paying a whopping $112,742.30 for just one night.

The video also shows how Derulo interacted with other restaurant customers to include them in the celebration. Some reports claimed that Jason even bought a shot for everyone at the restaurant.

At one point, the hitmaker stands up in the middle of the West Hollywood rooftop joint, raises his glass, and gave a toast.

"In celebration of Savage Love going number one on the Billboard charts, cheers to everybody in the building!" Derulo said.

The "Swalla" singer's longtime girlfriend, Jena Frumes, congratulated him by saying, "My baby hit number one on Billboard," before kissing her man.

The massive celebration did not surprise Jason Derulo's fans as they are used to seeing the singer to mark his successes in the most extravagant want. When he reached 22 million followers on TikTok in June, the singer attempted to eat 22 hamburgers and shared the experience on social media.


Savage Love History

"Savage Love," released in June 2020, is a collaboration between Jason Derulo and New Zealand-based music producer Jawsh 685. Later that month, the song debuted on Billboard Hot 100, and by August, the song entered the top ten list.

After sixteen weeks in Hot 100, Korean pop group BTS hopped on to the "Savage Love" craze and released a remix version featuring Suga, J-Hope, and Jungkook. With the Kpop superstars' rendition, the song jumped from number eight to number one during its 17th week on the chart.

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