Adele loves dressing up ever since she broke out the music scene. Becoming signficantly slimmer does not change anything.

On her first time hosting "Saturday Night Live," she certainly slayed the fashion game. 

The show was all about showcasing Adele's comedy talents, which she successfully did so in her funny open monologue. But as fans revelled how much of a good fit she actually is for the show, they also took notice of how amazing she looked in front of them. 

Since she is known as having a massive collection of on-stage outfits over the years, many were no longer surprised she pulled off something elegant for her SNL stint as well.

Adele sported a stunning "Giacca Rohtak" off-the-shoulder top and skinny pant by Brock Collection, the combo of which shouts class and sophistication.

What is more noticeable with the outfit was that it showed off her unimaginably incredible 100-pound weight loss!

"I know I look really really different since you last saw me," Adele said on stage, refering to her so much slimmer appearance. "But actually because of all the COVID restrictions and the travel bans, I had to travel light and I could only bring half of me, and this is the half I chose," she joked. 

Her outfit was made more elegant with Adele styling her blonde hair in gorgeous loose waves, pulled over to one side.  She also accessorized it with a bold pair of gold earrings and a gold bangle. 

Very chic. 

Her makeup was on point as well. Even if she has slimmed down, the old Adele is still noticeble in how she colored her face. She sported her bold signature cat eye, as well as gossy and red lips. This made her look quite fresh.

Not only did the star look fresh while being off the runway, she looked really prettier! Her joke on her weight does not mean she's inesecture about it. In gact, there are no signs that she is not as confident as she was before, if not more. 

As Adele dabbled on hosting/acting, fans are still clamoring for her to release a new song. An analysis article written by Lisa Respers for CNN revelaed how desperate her supporterd are for a new ablum.  

"But a new album would be like a glass of cold lemonade in the hot mess that is 2020 right about now. Fingers crossed that Adele's "SNL" gig is the kickoff to dropping new music -- because "25" came out five years ago," the writer wrote. 

Back in June, Adele herself revealed whether the new album is dropping soon. According to her, there is no new album because she is still qurantining--she said her fans should be, too! 

"Of course it's not. Corona ain't over," Adele replied. "I'm quarantining. Wear a mask and be patient." 

Almost four months have passed since that statement and fans are still hoping.

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