Are Brad Pitt and supposed GF Nicole Poturalski still together? Were they even? 

It is no secret though that Nicole and her husband are in good terms since they are said to be in an "open marriage." 

Who Is Nicole Poturalski With, Really? 

Just last month, there was almost a frenzy about Nicole Poturalski and how she measures up to all of Brad Pitt's exes after she and the actor vacationed in France.

This week, Pitt's gorgeous 27-year-old girlfriend was spotted out having fun with her husband, 68-year-old German restaurateur Roland Mary, much to the shock of the actor's fans.  

Poturalski and Mary, who share a 7-year-old son,  were seen laughing and smoking with common friends at Borchardt, the restaurant that Mary himself owns.  

Nicole looked quite cute and chic in a leather jacket as she conversed with friends outside the eatery before Roland also left, looking dapper with in his navy jumper and blue shirt.   

This is the first time that Nicole and her husband have been spotted together since news of her relationship with Pitt broke out. 

According to Daily Mail, having obtained pictures of Nicole and her husband, the two look so much more together than ever.    

Open Marriage and Brad Pitt's Role

It is already established that the husband is totally fine with Nicole and Brad Pitt dating. Should Pitt be fine with it the other way around? 

The Daily Mail has reported previously that Poturalski and Mary are in an "open marriage" and that the latter reportedly feels no need to feel jealous about her extramarital "affair" with Pitt.

In fact, Pitt and Poturalski first met back in August at Mary's restaurant.

While Roland did not personally address any reports of his wife dating Brad, a close friend alleged that "Roland is a very philosophical guy. He has been married several times and has five children. He is not interested in negativity or jealousy." 

"There is no tension between Roland and Nicole," another close friend of the family told Daily Mail. 'Everything is fine." 

What the media failed to establish is exactly how Pitt feels about being the extra guy.

This is why fans find it weird that after all the reports of her and Pitt being together, she and her husband can still hang out.

When news broke out of Brad Pitt dating a new girl and he's serious about it, pople at the time did not truly mind the revelation that Poturalski is still married and that her marriage was characterized as open.

Instead, they were more concerned about Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie's reactions over their common ex already moving on with a new girl.

It remains to be seen if Nicole and Brad will be spotted together again, but it sure looks like Poturalski is enjoying her love life.

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