Kim Kardashian flew her entire family and some of her close friends to a private island last week so she could celebrate with them her 40th birthday. 

The birthday party apparently cost an arm and a leg. According to Page Six, the lavish getaway bash cost her $1 million. 

Kim Kardashian has a net worth of $900 million. 

Kim Kardashian Wes Birthday
(Photo : Twitter @kimkardashian)

The mom-of-four chartered an 88-seat Boeing 777 to fly about 30 of her family and friends to an island in French Polynesia.

According to an unnamed insider who spoke to Page Six, Kim and her family and friends enjoyed guided treks through the lush island known as Tetiaroa Atoll. 

The Brando resort has 35 villas, and they rented all of it for five days. The private pools and the villas cost up to $20,000 a night plus tax. 

The resort is also said to be one of the most eco-friendly resorts in the world. 

Kim Kardashian Wes Birthday
(Photo : Twitter @kimkardashian)

They were also treated to spa treatments and expensive dinners. 

Her husband, Kanye West, was absent from her photos despite being there to celebrate. 

According to a source who told Us Weekly, the 43-year-old arrived late because of work commitments but was there in the last few days of the trip. 

They added that the Yeezy creator sent his wife "something very special on her birthday since he wasn't there the entire time." 

However, all of her guests were "banned from posting on social media" by the birthday celebrant to ensure that she gets the privacy she needs.

Kim Kardashian Wes Birthday
(Photo : Twitter @kimkardashian)

Early this week, the KKW Beauty mogul shared details and snaps from her luxurious birthday celebration on her social media account. 

She also detailed that her family and inner circle quarantined and had multiple screenings before they left Los Angeles. 

According to the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star, who turned 40 on October 21, revealed she surprised them with a getaway to a secluded island "where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time."

But her posts were faced with numerous backlash and criticism on social media after she said she was aware this experience was "so far out of reach" for most people these days. 

The SKIMS creator tweeted, "So in moments like these, I am humbly reminded of how privileged my life is," which only prompted social media users to slam the reality star. 

One person responded to her tweet, "If you understood your privilege, then you would've kept this private instead of posting it for all the less privileged to see."

Another person, actress Melissa Gilbert, couldn't help but comment, "It is a privilege not to have to do this. Perhaps a birthday post wishing everyone in America who is not you good health, safety, and food security during this time instead of this. Tone-deaf much?" 

Musician Peter Frampton also said, "Are you that insensitive you don't realize this is not what the majority of people during the worst covid spike yet want to hear? People are going to food banks, not private islands."

Meanwhile, one of Kim Kardashian's biggest critics, Piers Morgan, took to his Twitter to brand her a "spoiled, tone-deaf imbecile." 

Quote-tweeting Kim's tweet, he also said, "This thread is so repulsive, it makes me want to vomit. Not that we needed confirmation." 

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