Christmas is around the corner and while COVID-19 made sure this year's holidays would not be like any other, it did not necessarily have to be bad. For one, people can still exchange gifts even if they put a lid on parties and reunions first.

Gwyneth Paltrow has a holiday gift guide people can use if they are already tired of thinking what to get. The star and businesswoman had unveiled a 10-part Goop gift guide, showing a list of presents suitable for men, women, kids, hosts, cooks, travelers, and everyone in anyone's life.

Goop is Gwyneth Paltrow's business, something she built from scratch and has been devoted to ever since. Since Paltrow is known for her eccentric ways and thoughts (she has been based for them occasionally!), it is not that surprising that some weird items made it to the list.

If you are on the lookout for unusual items to give, here are five weird gifts from the list that you might want to check out. If not, you can just scratch your head and wonder why anyone would want any of these:

 A $7,500 Custom Birthing Chair 

Hmm, know anyone giving birth this Christmas who would want to do it in a plush chair instead? Then add this to your list of holiday gifts for them! 

Crafted by a London architect, this birthing chair is soft, squishy, AND purple. It's really relaxing on the aesthetics, probably designed to push those dreaded pushing thoughts away. Based on its description, it "can accommodate different mammalian aptitudes" and "allows the expectant parent to sit, kneel, squat, rest, lean and crawl until they find peace and comfort." 

A Mattress Worth  $38,000

We dare you to buy this for someone you love.

Go on, break a bank to make sure your loved one does not break his or her back. We are pretty sure it's a nice mattress, given the price. But we are not sure if anyone would buy it, given the price as well. The Goop x Avocado Bed looks soft and inviting, no lie, and you would probably sleep like a baby on it, as long as you did not break a bank to buy it.

Gift it to yourself if you are going to spend that much. 

Ouija Board at $1,995

This certainly ain't your grandmama's Ouija board--the one that can summon dark spirits if you do it right. But at $1995, it better summon up something!

Make sure your gift recipient is a fan of such, or else you'll be throwing away almost $2,000. We are already in a crisis, the last thing you want is to splurge on nothing for your holiday gifts 2020. 

A $15,000 Studypod 

If quarantining and social distancing ended up placing someone you know in contact with MORE people they rarely spend time with in the past at home (which was fine to them), and their family is starting to be TOO much to handle, then Goop suggests you give them this studypod.

It's like a small dwarf office you can place in the garden so you can focus more while working and studying, surrounded by nature. As if people are no longer starting to be claustrophobic with all the things going on and being unable to go anywhere. 

Tsuchiya Kaban Watermelon Bag (price upon request)

The price for this specifically-desgined bag is so high it is only going to be unveiled if you requested for it. If you truly knows someone who needs a bag to place a watermelon in, then by all means, ask away. 

We think having a regular canvas bag would do it, but of course, it's you who's going to give gifts. 

REMEMBER, It's never too early to shop for some holiday gifts this 2020

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