Sofia Richie is truly moving on from Scott Disick and to someone who is quite "similar" to her. Moving on is clear since she is not merely dating a new guy, she's also engaging in PDA for many to see. 

Kissing was truly on the menu when Sofia Richie and her new BF, now identified as Matthew Morton, were spotted having dinner in Beverly Hills. While the two were waiting for what they have ordered, they quickly got into a makeout sesh. They were spotted once already before this, but at the time, they were taking social distancing measures seriously and were wearing masks.

This time, since they are not required to wear masks in an outdoor eatery in Beverly Hills, their whole faces were showing, leading to the new man's identity reveal. They were also not socially distancing since their lips found their way to each other, which means they have to be really, really close to one another. 

The Cha Cha Matcha co-founder, sporting a trucker cap and white t-shirt, was quickly caught planting a passionate kisson the lips of Scott Disick's ex. After a sumptuous dinner, the new couple left the restaurant together in the same car. It should be apparent at this point that the two are really seeing each other. 

Sofia Richie and Matthew Morton Dating Timeline 

Sofia Richie first hinted that she already has a new love interest when she and a "mystery man" were spotted eating together at Nobu on Oct. 17. But since their faces were covered by facemasks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was not easy to determine who this guy was. 
It turns out it was Matthew, the young co-founder of the "alternative to artisanal coffee culture" brand that sells matcha in different forms. Similar with  Sofia, Matthew has a popular father, Peter Morton, who the founder of the Hard Rock Cafe and Hotel chain. 

The family is made up of successful entrepreneurs since Matthew's late brother, Harry Morton, was the founder of the Pink Taco restaurant chain. He also once owned Hollywood's infamous nightclub, the Viper Room. 

While it appears that Sofia and Scott Disick would no longer reconcile, considering also the fact that Scott has been spotted with different ladies recently and has been more keen to become a hands-on parent to his children with Kourtney Kardashian, the model is not yet rushing into something new.

 She is "still enjoying the single life and isn't interested in being tied down," a source told Hollywood Life. She thinks Matthew is "a great guy,"but she's not that excited to be in a serious relationship yet when  she just got out of a long-term one with Scott. 

She can have fun and go on dates, but her true objective these days to is take care of herself and spend more quality time with family and old friends.

For her and Matthew to be one day a serious couple is not that farfetched though. 

Scott's brother, Miles Richie, reportedly "approves" of Matt, the same source said. This is a good sign for Matthew because, having her brother approves of Matt "is a huge bonus" to Sofia.

Sofia values her brother's opinion as it "means everything to her."

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