Is Jennifer Aniston wasting away? 

Globe recently reported that the "Friends" actress hasn't been taking care of herself like she used to, with sources telling the outlet that some of her clothes are falling off her. 

Being dumped by Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt for a beautiful, younger model (just before they also called it quits) made Aniston starve herself in her heartbreak. 

An insider said that the 51-year-old is now a "sad bag of bones."

"She was desperately hoping they could somehow make things work again romantically, but he's made it very clear now that's not going to happen."

Aniston really wanted that she and Pitt give their love a second chance, but her hopes were dashed when 27-year-old German model Nicole Poturalski came into the picture.

"It's left her in a real slump emotionally, and food is the last thing on her mind," the insider added. 

"Jen's been skipping meals and messing with her diet for a while now, but this is about more than that."

The source added how the blonde beauty's clothes have started to look too loose on her and that her cheek now seems so hollow. 

The outlet noted that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have toyed about getting back together for the second time after returning to Angelina Jolie four years ago. 

Aniston and Pitt became friendly exes after the "Ad Astra" actor dumped the "Murder Mystery" star for Jolie in 2005. 

They reportedly planned a trip to Mexico for Thanksgiving, as per Globe's sources, but Pitt allegedly pulled the plug on their romantic getaway. 

Now, it all reportedly is taking a toll on Aniston, with the source claiming that there's a lot to worry about the actress. 

Forced to Quit Drinking for Brad

In February, Globe also reported that Jennifer Aniston was facing a dilemma. 

Insiders revealed that she has to ditch one - booze or happiness with Brad Pitt. 

The actress is said to be known to enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine, but for the 56-year-old actor, it's a big no-no. 

"Jen accepts that her current lifestyle would never fly with Brad's, and it's bumming her out," an insider revealed. 

Though she adores the hell out of her ex-husband, she is allegedly excited about their "amazing new connection." 

However, Brad is now sober following his divorce from Angelina Jolie. 

"But Brad's sober and finds it very uncomfortable being around people who booze." 

More Heartache

In December 2019, Woman's Day Australia reported that Jennifer Aniston revealed her family previously told her that she'd never make a dime from acting.

Aniston defiantly said, "Watch me. Don't threaten me. God knows I'm going to make a few dimes."

With a net worth of almost $440 million thanks to her role in "Friends," insiders told the Australian publication that it was timing to reveal her fraught relationship with her 87-year-old dad, John. 

A source told the outlet at that time, "John's pushing 90 and slowing down."

"He's battling health problems and preparing to retire. He knows he and Jen haven't had the easiest time together over the years, but he's stunned she would bring up old wounds like that now." 


Given the lack of evidence presented, stories reported by Globe and Woman's Day should be taken with a grain of salt. 

Jennifer Aniston was recently spotted looking happy and healthy as she urged people to vote in the US elections.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt has recently broken up with Nicole Poturalski as he battles Angelina Jolie in court for 50-50 custody.

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