Sorry Queen Elizabeth: 'Entitled' Royal Family Failed to Benefit from Meghan Markle

A royal author revealed that the British royal family didn't fully utilize Meghan Markle when she was still part of the royals. 

Sean Smith told Express UK that the Duchess of Sussex was supposed to be the British monarchy's biggest asset. He further explained it in his new book, "Meghan Misunderstood." 

"One of the saddest postscripts to Meghan's exit from the UK is that she could have been someone for all of this country to accept and someone within the Royal Family to whom we could feel a connection."

Saying that the royal family has missed their chance, Smith explained, "In the modern world, standing up for the empowerment of women and articulating that concern, achieving self-made success and wealth."

He added, "And looking like a million and more girls and women around the country should have led to a warm embrace, not the death of a dream by a thousand cuts." 

Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of her relatives "missed a trick" by not capitalizing on how popular she is and the appeal she carried. 

"The royal family missed a trick where Meghan was concerned. She could have done a lot for the royal family."

Smith added, "They missed out on Meghan, I think there is no question of that."

Meghan Markle was not only a successful actress in Hollywood before meeting Prince Harry, but she was also an activist and a role model for many women. 

"She is, or was, relatable to so many people, so many of the population in a way that the other members aren't."

"They are an entitled bunch," Smith said of the royal family. 

The Duchess of Sussex is also a POC. She is the first Black person ever to become part of the British royal family. 

"Little girls would say that she looks like me, and it's so nice to see that somebody can achieve something which looks like me." 

Sean Smith also listed some of the desirable tributes the 39-year-old has and suggested that Meghan could have changed and revolutionized the British monarchy. 

"We must remember that Meghan was a woman of substance coming into the royal family."

He added that Meghan Markle gave up so many things in her past life, and the author believes that many didn't at least appreciate what he has done. 

"We got a 30-something-year-old woman, who is a self-made millionaire, who has devoted herself to important things in the world; female empowerment, gender equality, the issue of racial injustice."

When asked if Meghan Markle would return to the UK and reprise her senior royal role, the author claimed that she would never return. 

He alleged that Britain had lost the former "Suits" star for good. 

Being an American woman, the mom-of-one clearly stated that she wanted to come to the US to "be back home."

"I think the chances of her ever returning to these shores are zero," he added. 

It was also revealed by another royal biographer that Meghan Markle isn't a massive fan of England.

The wife of Prince Harry believed that the UK didn't "particularly like her," according to Ingrid Seward. 

Seward told FOX that being divorced, someone like Meghan, was new to the UK. 

"In the case of Meghan, I think she very much felt that the British people didn't understand her or particularly liked her."

"And I don't think she was a great fan of England either. Her home in California, and that's where her heart is."

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