Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie taking the entire "playing dirty" thing to a whole new level?

In the last four years, the mud got dirtier by the minute in the former power couple's bitter divorce.

However, things have taken a turn for the worse - and it's for both of them. 

According to insiders of New Idea, Angelina Jolie has limited herself to accepting only low-budget films just so her ex-husband could provide bigger financial support for the kids. 

The 45-year-old "Maleficent" star is said to be gunning, still, for full custody. 

"And if that happens," the source explained, "Brad will be paying her child support plus alimony. In other words, he'll be broke with no kids."

The insider further claimed that Jolie's only massive income source is the Marvel Studios film "The Eternals."

If the movie will not be a box office, "She's got no hope of it becoming a franchise."

The insider added, "She's doing everything she can to play the 'struggling single mom' card to the courts and has even suggested she'll have to streamline her staff." 

As per the spies, these games aren't fully one-way. 

Brad Pitt is said to be not afraid to play his ex-wife's games. 

The insider revealed that Pitt and his camp talked to many Los Angeles lawyers about the case in the past year, which means Jolie couldn't hire any of them because there would be a conflict of interest. 

"This is a common tactic in big-money divorces, whether you hire them in the end or not," the insider shared.

"It stops the other person from being able to hire them as there'd be a conflict of interest."

The source shared that it's exactly what's happening now and that Angelina Jolie is now facing a real problem as all of the "decent lawyers" in Los Angeles are not available or have already been consulted by the "Ad Astra" star. 

Brad's Ultimate Revenge

In another New Idea report, it has been revealed that the frustrated dad-of-six threatened to have Angelina Jolie dragged to jail if she tried to delay the proceedings once again

Tipsters told the Australian outlet that the 56-year-old Hollywood hunk "has had enough" with being intimated and picked on by Jolie. 

Now, Brad Pitt is reportedly refusing to speak to Angelina Jolie directly unless there are officials with them. 

And if ever the "Tomb Raider" actress steps out of line once more, Pitt will allegedly spare no mercy. 

A source told the outlet, "It's no exaggeration to say Brad's scared of Angie, and he wants professional witnesses with them at all times."

The insider added that Pitt doesn't care if he has to bring the police in once Jolie yells at him in an abusive way or if it becomes an unsafe environment for him or both of them. 

"The tension between these two is unbearable right now, but they still have to sit together and work things out. I'm sure it would be the ultimate revenge to see Angie led away in handcuffs."

Though tensions are high between the two, it is still best to take New Idea's reports with a grain of salt.  

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