Even one of Hollywood's most handsome stars can't escape the dark side of the internet.

Leonardo DiCaprio, whose features can make people drool over him, became the latest body-shaming victim of online trolls.

On Tuesday, multiple news outlets shared the paparazzi photos of DiCaprio as he walked with Emile Hirsh. The two enjoyed their time on a beach in Malibu, California while shirtless.

Though they were in an outing, the publications took notice of Leo's "dad bod."

The term "dad bod" is a male body type that is usually highlighted by a softly round tummy. The body-shaming from various news outlets also led some netizens to criticize the award-winning actor online.

Netizens Body-Shame Leonardo DiCaprio

On Twitter, the same paparazzi photos received mixed reactions from critics. While some netizens laughed at the actor's current body, some fans still defended him.

"I was today years old when I found out that Leonardo DiCaprio has a dad bod," one Twitter user said.

"I was also today years old when I found out that I NEVER EVER EVER want a dad bod. If he can't pull it of nobody can."

Meanwhile, his fans offered him support and slammed the publications and body shamers.

One fan said, "Leonardo DiCaprio being shamed for having a "dad bod"? Screw that. He's a human being; we shouldn't be expecting celebrities to always look like works or art or whatever."

"Disgusted at the body shaming here .. @TheSun a newspaper with which to wipe yer arse," another one wrote.

Another fan pointed out that DiCaprio can immediately bring back his six-pack abs whenever he wants to. They also said that no matter what body type the actor has, he still has a handsome face and "an Oscar."

People's negative response to the actor's body resonated with the same situation that other Hollywood actors faced.

Aside from DiCaprio, A-listers like James Corden, Chriss Pratt, Ben Affleck, and Jason Momoa also became body-shaming victims.

Not The First Incident

It was not the first time DiCaprio faced online trolls, though.

Even in 2014, PageSix published a report with a title "The Great Fatsby? Bloated Leo swims with model. "

The "Great Fatsby" part is based on the 46-year-old's film "The Great Gatsby."

During that time, the actor spent his weekend with his girl pal, Toni Garrn. In the pictures, the two shared intimate moments during the getaway on the Pacific Island.

But his potbelly overshadowed everything, and it took him under the body-shaming spotlight again.

Amid all these trolling DiCaprio has been receiving, the medical director of Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center, Dr. Melissa Pereau, explained the effects of body shaming.

Per Dr. Pereau, body shaming happens in everyone regardless of race and gender.

"Teasing someone for their weight is never acceptable. If people knew the long-term impact bullying has, I hope they would think twice about their words," she said per Yahoo! Life.

The University of Minnesota also made a study about body dissatisfaction and found out that 43 percent of men actually feel dissatisfaction with their bodies.

Despite this fact, Leonardo DiCaprio is not really the problem, as the body shamers are the real issue.

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