Piers Morgan just can't catch a break with COVID-19.

Nearly a week after Piers first revealed that his parents had tested positive for COVID-19, he confirmed that a third family member contracted the dreaded virus.

On Monday, he told the "Good Morning Britain" viewers that his niece, Millie Pughe-Morgan, caught COVID-19. He segued the diagnosis as he spoke about the vaccine being accumulated for Britons.

"My niece Millie has got COVID-19. She's over in Cyprus and is in isolation. We've had a lot of COVID in the house. And in the houses of our various family members," he explained.

The 55-year-old journalist sent his well wishes and good luck to Millie, saying that she will survive the virus as she is young and fit.

After dropping the shocking revelation, Morgan also took his time to empathize with people whose family members also contracted the disease.

"It's going to be a tough couple of months but we're near the end of it. I feel it," he went on.

Scary Time for Piers

Elsewhere in the same episode, the journalist admitted that it has been a scary time for him. He reportedly felt the worst after learning that his elderly mother and stepfather also caught the virus.

Per Piers, his parents got it from someone in their support group. He then described it as something like dominoes since everyone in the circle tested positive.

Fortunately, the two felt a lot better since earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Morgan asked GMB doctor Hilary Jones when his father could expect to taste foods and drinks again. He even joked that because of COVID-19, his father cannot taste his wine, so he suggested him to drink cheap drinks instead.

But kidding aside, Piers revealed that his stepfather has already began to taste foods again after three weeks.

"He finally tasted the salt in his meal. He saw that as a gigantic step forward to being able to taste his wine again," he revealed. "So, well done, dad. One small salt step for man, one giant leap for your chances of guzzling some vino by the end of the week."

COVID-19 Effects

The GMB presenter has been open in discussing the "psychological trauma" a person can suffer from after catching the disease.

Aside from his family members, his GMB co-star Kate Garraway's husband has been admitted to a hospital since March after being tested for the disease.

"Way back in April when we chatted for the first time, and I said, "look, he seems to have survives so far, so I know I already have my miracle," Garraway told Piers last week. "But now I'm praying for the second miracle, and that is for him to come back to us."

Even Piers, himself, experienced it already.

Earlier this year, he showed symptoms while filming the show's episodes. This caused the viewers to think that he already caught the virus.

One month later, he decided to take a break from the show and consult a doctor. On May 5, he underwent a confirmatory test and revealed that he tested negative for the virus.

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