Lori Loughlin spent her first few weeks at the Dublin Federal Correctional Institution in California. 

According to Star, the jail was worse than she could have predicted. 

An insider allegedly told the outlet that the "Full House" actress went into a complete culture shock when the metal doors closed shut behind her. 

"It was dreadful. She couldn't eat or sleep."

They added, "Handing over her clothes, including her underwear and being searched, was humiliating."

Loughlin also reportedly didn't like how her prison uniform smelled like disinfectant and cheapness. 

As soon as she arrived at the correctional facility, Lori Loughlin was immediately put into quarantine for two weeks after arriving on October 30.

This is due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The mom-of-two was left alone in a cell for 24 hours a day for her first fourteen days and "was overwhelmed with dread" on what lies ahead once she joins the other inmates. 

"Lori knows she's a target because she's a celebrity," the insider further alleged. 

While the "Aunt Becky" actress' plan is to keep her head down and serve her time in jail as quietly as possible, Loughlin reportedly already misses her family and glamorous life in Los Angeles completely. 

"Every second in there feels like a lifetime for Lori. She feels like she's trapped in a nightmare she can't wake up from." 

Security and administrators of the facility are said to be too nice to the Hollywood star, but others "look down on her and have flat-out said she shouldn't expect any special treatment."

Other inmates are said to be calling her "Aunt Becky" already, but the thought of being taunted and teased has already left her too terrified that she's reportedly on edge 24/7. 

"She's trying to be strong, but she's heard all the horror stories," the insider claimed. 

Thankfully, Lori Loughlin has a bit of privacy because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the insider believes it will not last very long. 

Once out of solitary, the white-collar criminal may be tasked to do menial jobs.

It could include doing laundry duty or cleaning toilets, but another insider thinks she may be spared these activities because her sentence is short. 

But either way, the 56-year-old just needs to adjust to the monotony of life in prison. 

Another insider said that though the Dublin Facility isn't the worst prison in America, "Lori is fully aware it could have been a hundred times worse." 

Unfortunately, she'll always see this experience as one of "the lowest points in her life" and "beyond demeaning" to be living a life in prison. 

The insider added that guards could even hear her crying in her cell each night. 

Though this temporary life is far from her glory days in her fancy neighborhood, the insider said Lori wouldn't be making any diva demands as she knows where she stands. 

"Dublin may have a less hostile atmosphere than a lot of prisons, but it still has a no-nonsense vibe." 

They added, "If anything, staff members will be more firm with her, so they're not accused of showing bias."

Lori Loughlin pleaded guilty to the Varsity Blues scandal and was ordered to pay a fine of $150,000 and do community service for 100 hours. 

She and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, paid $500,000 to secure their two daughters' illegal admission to the prestigious University of Southern California. 

However, it's still best to take Star's report with a grain of salt.  

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