First Look: Sharkboy and Lavagirl Are Parents Now!

Where did the time go? Even superheroes have aged quickly. It seems it was only yesterday when fans are finding both Sharkboy and Lavagirl too adorable for words, and now they are parents themseves, woah. 

Director Robert Rodriguez brought back Sharkboy and Lavagirl for his new movie set under the same cinematic universe, "We Can Be Heroes," positively driving the fans crazy. 

Netflix, which is releasing the family-friendly superhero film right on New Year's Day, released the first look at the return of these well-loved, main characters of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D, which happened way back 2005. The fans were naturally thrilled, but also shocked that they changed and grown so much - just like normal people would in 15 years. 

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dooley played Sharboy and Lavagirl, respectively, as child actors in that earlier movie.

This time, Dooley, now 27, reprises her role as the adult Lavagirl. That's just so cool - an actress who has grown as her character at the same time. 

On the other hand, JJ Dashnaw plays Sharkboy.

JJ is no stranger to such theme for a movie, since he played Brat's dad in "Spy Kids."

They did not just grown up though, the characters actually share a daughter already, named Guppy, as seen in the photos. 

Guppy is half girl and half-shark, and has lava powers. She is played by Vivien Lyra Blair, the adorable kid in "Bird Box." Guppy is 6 while Blair is just 5, but her acting portfolio (including Grey's Anatomy!) would show she can act. 

The young actress is obviously excited about being part of the movie. Her social media account is abuzz with promotional material since news broke about about Guppy. 

Sharkboy and Lavagirl are back....and they made ME! @taylordooley you're a fantastic on-screen mom - thanks for giving me half of my super powers! #WeCanBeHeroesreleases on @netflix on New Year's Day.
.#vivienlyrablair #sharkboyandlavagirl #guppygirl #netflix - Vivien Lyra Blair (@vivienlyrablair) November 18, 2020

"Wanna feel old? Sharkboy and Lavagirl are parents now," Netflix aptly posted on Twitter, knowing fans of the 2005 movie will be shocked by the development.   

Earlier on, Rodriguez claimed that this upcoming show is the next best thing after getting calls to do reboot of "Sharkboy" as well as "Spy Kids." He understood where the demand is coming from.

"A lot of families have spent a lot of time together," Rodriguez told EW, referencing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. "I've been getting calls from all kinds of studios: 'Reboot Spy Kids.' 'Reboot Sharkboy.' Of course they want to. They're all sitting at home with their kids." 

"We Can Be Heroes" revolves around a team of superheroes called The Heroics, who themselves need to be rescued from a kidnapping. Good thing some super-powered kids are up to the task. 

Pedro Pascal, Christian Slater, and Boyd Holbrook would be members of adult heroes, or The Heroics. 

On the other hand, the young heroes are played by YaYa Gosselin as Missy, Isaiah Russell-Bailey as Rewind, Akira Akbar as Fast Forward, Hala Finley as Ojo, and Dylan Henry Lau as Slo-Mo.

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