Justice League: Snyder Cut' -- What We Learned From the Latest Trailer

The newest trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League, has arrived. And there is a lot of things that can be gleaned from it.

The dropping of the latest trialer is timed perfectly, as it coincides with the theatrical cut's third anniversary.

To say that it is special is an understatement. 

Tt the very least, it reveals more looks of the Darkseid and Superman, characters fans are very excited about because the theatrical cut certainly made an injustice against them.

Ever since the theatrical cut of Justice League dropped three years ago, fans had already been repeatedly demanding for director Zack Snyder's original version of the film. Because Snyder left the project midway through production, the director who took over, Joss Whedon changed a lot of Snyder's plans. While the outcome is well-loved as well, fans still wanted to know what they would have seen if Snyder had pushed on.

After years of campaigning, fans would see their wish come true, even earlier than they thought it would happen. Snyder already confirmed that his take on "Justice League "will be showing on HBO Max in 2021.

For years, Snyder never shied about teasing he has his own amazing take on the "Justice League." He occassionally teased his cut of Justice League by posting certain images and releasing certain story details, making fans want to see it all the more. As a result, fans were massively happy to see the first trailer for the famed Snyder Cut, released at DC FanDome in August and has been clamoring for the whole thing ever since.

By the trailer alone, it was already obvious that Snyder planned a completely different look and tone from Whedon's version of "Justice League"  released in theaters years before.

The first trailer was eventually removed from YouTube because of a music rights issue, but to pacify his fans, Snyder promised there would a new looka of the film - a new teaser in other words, that would be released on  three-year anniversary of "Justice League." 

And the latest trailer is truly something.


First, fans will be happy to note that Snyder's original music choice, "Hallelujah", is still on this  version. 
Second, most of the above footage is really truly just similar to what came before, but it just feels more majestic now, like it is a more effective trailer.

It being so similar to the original implies that Whedon's "Justice League" is just so different, and a true blue fan would not really complain. Instead, he or she'll be more excited to see Snyder's version because it would not be something they have already seen in the theaters. 

The added looks at Darkseid and Superman are truly somethng, as they highlighted what the theatrical cut's biggest missed opportunities are - since there was no Darkseid in the theaters and Superman's arc was not that exciting, as some fans grouched at the time. 

In addition to Cyborg, this Snyder Cut just might be able to right the past wrongs when it comes to the characters and storylines the fans wanted to see on the movies three years ago.

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