The popularity of coconut oil continues to grow, and Suki Waterhouse is now a believer of the miracle product.

To get the brightest spotlight in Hollywood, one should be attractive enough to win the cameras.

For someone like Suki, she can do that easily--whether she is on TV or runway--thanks to her "crazy" but effective skincare routine.

In her exclusive article for Into The Gloss, the 28-year-old "Love, Rosie" star shared how she keeps her skin naturally glowing.

Her father, Norman Waterhouse, is a plastic surgeon, while her mother is a nurse. As a daughter of a couple in the medical field, choosing the best products for her body is a must.

Suki's father also owns a skincare clinic in London where she gets some beauty products and indulges herself with facials.

Rosie Huntington, her facialist in Los Angeles, helps her in having the best facials regularly. She also opts to use retinol in keeping her skin more youthful and glowing.

Despite all this beauty assistance, Suki still finds coconut oil as one of the most effective natural products ever.

According to the model, she always does "crazy skincare things" in their kitchen, and that includes the use of coconut oil.

"I love coconut oil, so if I come home at night feeling all dry and like a fossil I'll put my hand in a jar of coconut oil and just mush it over my face. I'll put it in my hair, too, and sleep like my coat. Just kidding, I wouldn't do that in my coat," she went on.

This only means that despite turning to pricey services and procedures, adding coconut oil in your skincare routine can help you achieve the utmost care for yourself.

How Coconut Oil Can Be The Miracle Product For Hands, Face, and Hair

Coconut oil in the Philippines and other tropical countries has a lot of uses for different parts of the body.

The natural product can moisturize your hands and prevent it from premature aging.

As you may have noticed, many individuals tend to complain about their hands' wrinkles. Only a few people know how the hands' skin is way thinner compared to the other parts of the body, making it more vulnerable to flakiness and dryness.

But with the help of coconut oil, you can prevent yourself from exposing your hands to harmful micro-organisms with its antimicrobial property.

At the same time, the product can maintain your skin's moisture all day long.

If you want to have a flawlessly-looking face like Suki Waterhouse, coconut oil can be of help as it has Vitamins A and E that lock in the moisture.

With regular use, these compounds heighten collagen production to offer you firmer and supple-looking skin.

Its benefits do not stop there, though, since coconut oil can also give your hair the best and most manageable look ever.

Since you tend to do heat styling and treat your hair with chemicals, using coconut oil as a hair mask can resolve your problem efficiently.

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