Katie Holmes and her new boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr. need to decide ASAP if they want to spend the holidays together or not. 

According to the National Enquirer's November 30, 2020 issue, the new couple is jammed in a family feud as each of their relatives do a tug-of-war. 

The 41-year-old "Dawson's Creek" star and the 33-year-old restaurateur are reportedly so stressed. With their family fighting to claim the couple as their guests for the upcoming holidays, it may seem like the honeymoon stage of their relationship is finally over. 

An insider dished to the outlet, "Things were going great for them, but this tug-of-war may tear them apart."

"Emilio's folks told him they want him home with them, but Katie is desperate to spend Christmas with her relatives in Ohio, and they want to meet her new beau."

Sources further claimed that the mom-of-one feels guilty because she has spent so much time with Emilio's family at their Manhattan restaurant, while she can't even come to see her own family. 

The insider said, "She thinks it's only fair that he does this for her, but Emilio's never missed a holiday gathering with his own family, and there are a lot of them he hasn't seen because of the pandemic."

Meanwhile, another insider also told the outlet that Katie Holmes' mom, Kathleen, already has reservations about her daughter's romance with her toy boy. 

Kathleen found out he dumped his fiancée Rachel Emmons via text message- which was also on the same day when it was revealed he and Katie were dating. 

"Katie thought it would never come to the point of making Emilio choose between her and his family, but he's leaving her little choice."

The insider added, "She doesn't want to leave her mother hanging and be stuck in the city eating Italian on Christmas Day." 

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo
(Photo : Photos by The Daily Mail)

With everything that's going on between Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr, it seems like their romance is nearing its doom - according to Star magazine.

If Katie flies to Ohio while Emilio stays in NYC, the outlet believes that he's been playing the field behind the Hollywood actress's back.  

A source described the Italian chef as a "ladies' guy," adding, "He's been texting a bunch of girls, saying things between him and Katie aren't nearly as serious as they seem." 

Meanwhile, an insider close to Katie revealed that she's definitely in love with her new man. 

"It's no exaggeration to say she's obsessed with this guy."

She's so in love and obsessed with Emilio that she is "happy to always pick up the tab."

According to another report by the National Enquirer, the love-hungry beauty is excited to have a new man in her life, but she's breaking the bank to keep him happy. 

A source told the outlet that she feels so empowered with Katie paying for everything and has even boosted her confidence. 

But unfortunately, friends of the actress are concerned that perhaps Emilio is taking advantage of the "First Daughter" star's generosity. 

"He doesn't even offer to pay the tip when they eat out and usually orders the most expensive items on the menu - with her encouragement."

However, it's still best to take these magazine's reports with a grain of salt. 

There's no evidence that these stories are real.  

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