Joaquin Phoenix is surely capable of starring in any horror film, so much so that he is in talks to be featured in another suspense project.

Phoenix could offer another hair-raising movie after he is rumored to be Ari Aster's top choice for his next film.

In June 2020, Aster revealed that he's planning to offer a nightmare comedy on the table. He also revealed that he wants it to have a longer running time compared to his previous masterpieces.

"All I know is that it's gonna be 4 hours long," he continued.

Although Aster did not reveal more details about it at the time, it is worth noting that the filmmaker has a long list of frightening flicks. He gave birth to award-winning films through the years, including the 2018 movie "Hereditary" and 2019 hit "Midsommar."

Joaquin Phoenix in "Beau is Afraid"

Now, thid November, DiscussingFilm reported that the 34-year-old director is already putting the puzzle pieces for his next movie titled, "Beau is Afraid."

Aster will do most of the works again. He will write, direct, and produce the next film through his production company "Square Peg."

In addition, Phoenix reportedly entered negotiations with him to get the leading role.

"Aster and the producers are hoping Joaquin Phoenix signs on, and therefore are holding off before deciding when to begin filming," Jacob Fisher of DiscussingFilm said.

As of the press time, the Oscar winner has several upcoming projects, including a Napoleon Bonaparte Biopic titled "Kitbag."

The news outlet then revealed that the 46-year-old actor will play "an anxious" man in Aster's horror film.

"Beau is described as an extremely anxious but pleasant-looking man who has a fraught relationship with his overbearing mother. Their relationship is affected from the fact that he never knew his father," the outlet divulged.

Once the collaboration happens, both Phoenix and Aster might land another Oscar award after the actor managed to gain nominations in the past.

Aside from winning an Oscar for his role in "The Joker," Phoenix also caught the award-giving body's attention through his films "Gladiator," "Walk the Line," and "The Master.

The actor also scored a Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Drama, while "The Joker" grabbed a Globe award for Best Original Score.

Other Details About "Beau is Afraid"

Like most of Aster's works, "Beau is Afraid" is expected to make moviegoers feel anxious without too many effects and sounds.

Per DiscussingFilm, the upcoming flick will be "a surrealist horror film set in an alternate present."

Beau's character apparently deals with emotional distress following his mother's passing. What will tickle people's minds even more is the fact that the death occurred mysteriously.

For its release date, Aster has not revealed a timeline yet. Even the beginning of its production and the company for distribution remains unknown.

The talks with Joaquin Phoenix is still ongoing, but Aster pushes through his projects no matter what. So it seems like "Beau is Afraid" would still arrive in the cinemas whether Phoenix signs on or not.

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