Boss Baby 2! Cast, Teaser & Everything You Need To Know About 'Family Business' Sequel

DreamWorks Animation has drpped the newest trailer of "The Boss Baby: Family Business." 

For a while, the animated movie was one of the only productions of the company that did not have to be postponed because of the pandemic. 

Release Date

It was able to keep on schedule even with the coronavirus pandemic forcing even the entertainment world to shut down, thanks to technology that enabled remote working. 

According to Producer Jeff Hermann (per Movie Web), "Apart from just a few weeks of figuring out how to get the technology in place quickly to make it possible, it was mostly a pretty smooth transition."

If all goes well, the highly anticipated sequel to the Academy Award-nominated first installment can be watched in theaters nationwide starting March 26th, 2021. 


Earlier on, it has been announced that "The Boss Baby: Family Business" will feature a powerful, all-star cast--old and new. 

The newcomers are Jeff Goldblum (who was in "Thor: Ragnarok"), Ariana Greenblatt (great in "The One and Only Ivan"), Eva Longoria (hello, most memorable character from "Desperate Housewives"), James Marsden ("Sonic the Hedgehog") and Amy Sedaris ("Elf").

Ariana Greenblatt will be voicing Tabitha, a super-smart 7-year-old who adores Ted. James Marsden and Eva Longoria will be voicing Tabitha's parents. 

On the other hand, Jeff Goldblum will lend his voice to the newest character, the mysterious founder of Tabitha's school, the Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood--who likely up to no good.

Alec Baldwin has reprised his role as the Boss Baby. Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow are also back as Boss Baby's parents.  


The upcoming movie is directed once more by Tom McGrath, who is quite satisfied with the new additions to the cast. According to him, the production team is beyond pleased.

"We are so fortunate to work with such a talented ensemble of actors, all of whom possess tremendous imaginations. The everyday joy for me is not only watching our actors make a line hilarious or heartfelt through subtle adjustments, but the process they all share of improvisation and character creation. They are the heart and soul of the characters they bring to life," McGrath said

Plot Details

The plot can be gathered from the newly dropped trailer:


This time around, both Tim and Ted have grown up and gone their separate ways. While they are not angry with each other, they are certainly no longer close as they used to be.

Tim soon discovers his infant daughter Tina (Sedaris) is another agent from BabyCorp just sent to conduct an investigation of a nefarious plot. 

The ending of the first "Boss Baby" already hinted to fans that Tina is actually an agent and the sequel runs with it. With that said, it appears that the drama is thicker in the sequel.  

Tina immediately dragged both Tim and Ted into her current mission, not only placing them in another wild journey but also giving them a chance to fix their bond.  

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