Chris Evans does not need to go shirtless to swoon his fans' hearts.

After he previously posted an R-rated picture of him accidentally, the great Chris now surprised his fans by showing his creative side.

No, it was not acting as everyone's superhero. Instead, he recorded a rare video of himself playing the piano.

On his Instagram Story, the 39-year-old "Captain America" star wrapped himself with a chunky knitted top before showing off his piano skills.

The video showed Evans continuously hitting the keys to play one of his favorite pieces of a classical artist from Italy.

"Learning one of my favorites by Fabrizio Paterlini," he wrote.

This is one of the rarest updates on his social media account, as the actor mostly posts dog photos and out-of-this-world selfies.

Because of this once-in-a-blue-moon moment, the "Avengers" star immediately took over Twitter's trending list. Ffans, as expected, drooled even over a piano-playing Evans.

One fan said, "2020 is crazy, who would've thought we would get SHIRTLESS chris evans and piano playing chris evans? not me lol not complaining tho."

Another one posted a collage photo of the actor: one shows a shirtless Evans and the other is a screenshot of the actor's recent video.

"I was going to say find you a man that can do both, but let's be honest Chris Evans is the only man that can do both," the user captioned the post.

"chris evans playing the piano in his blue sweater looking like an adorable dork is what i need for the rest of my life. consider this as my life support from now on," another one exclaimed.

Indeed, the power Chris Evans has is truly immeasurable.

Chris Evans Has Always Been a Piano Genius

Although the video of him playing piano surprised everyone, it was not really the first time he publicized his love for the instrument.

In 2019, he appeared in an interview with Men's Journal where he revealed that he has been playing the piano since he was young.

"A Bösendorfer upright piano is probably the flashiest thing here-Evans has been playing since he was young. He also plays guitar and says he can "fake it" on the drums," the report stated.

His skills also made him want to become part of a musical.

Evans once sat down for an interview with Hollywood Reporter where he expressed his desire to show off his talent.

"I want to do a musical so badly, man. Someone told me they're [remaking] Little Shop of Horrors and I was like, 'Oh, can I be down? Please? Can I be the dentist?,'" he said.

Evans also revealed that it hyped him when he heard the talks about Steven Spielberg wanting to make  "West Side Story." Per the actor, it is one of his favorite musicals, and he once did it when he was in high school.

In addition, Evans has been speaking openly about her mother being a youth theater manager. He also told W Magazine in 2013 that they were like the Von Trapps who sang and danced everywhere.

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