Royal fans urge Queen Elizabeth II to do a shakeup in the monarchy after watching Prince Charles being portrayed in Netflix's "The Crown." 

According to them, Her Majesty should be replaced immediately by her grandson, Prince William, instead of the true heir to the throne, Prince Charles. 

The Duke of Cornwall and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, are still suffering the backlash in their real-life love triangle with the late Princess Diana.

The release of "The Crown's" fourth season dramatized Prince Charles and Princess Diana's first years of marriage and the Prince of Wales' affair with an-already married woman, Camilla. 

Royal commentators pointed out that the show wasn't as accurate as of the real-life affair.

A Twitter user said, "I believe the monarchy should stay in place just that. The crown should skip Charles and go straight to Prince William." 

Another one said that the dad-of-two has lost all credibility and believed that most Brits wouldn't want him to be their next king. 

One also said, "Here's hoping that William is a little more intelligent than his father." 

People on social media have also lashed out at Prince Charles for his affair while directly mentioning his ex-wife, Princess Diana. 


Another said, Diana Princess of Wales, The Queen of Humanity will always be in our heart and hope that Prince William will be the King Of Humanity."

But not everyone was against Prince Charles and Camilla. 

There were still social media users who showed their support and belief that soon, they would become a great King and Queen Consort. 

Additionally, a Woman's Day report claimed that Prince Charles is reportedly "in limbo" after his mother wouldn't step down from her post as the Queen of England. 

The newly-turned 72-year-old has waited longer than anyone in the UK ever has to become king, but Queen Elizabeth II doesn't seem to plan on stepping down just yet. 

This is also why there are allegedly fears for the Prince of Wales because he's reportedly sinking into despair. 

He also allegedly didn't like how the latest season of the Netflix hit show focused on their disastrous marriage. 

An insider told the November 30, 2020 issue of the outlet, "Charles is utterly distraught that he has made to look like the villain in the worst possible way." 

They further added that the Prince reportedly believes that the show will "come at a great cost to the monarchy's reputation." 

But this is only part of his anger because the damage to his reputation has allegedly gone all the way to his mom. 

Woman's Day claim that Queen Elizabeth II had blindsided Prince Charles by releasing plans to celebrate her 70th year on the throne in the next two years after leading her son to believe that "she would allow him to take over when she turned 95."

Prince Charles is said to be incredibly upset, which leaves him in "limbo again."

But Gossip Cop debunked Woman's Day claims and said that their article is entirely false. 

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