Miley Cyrus still has not forgotten about Liam Hemsworth. This is what fans surmised after they listened to a new track she released, "WTF Do I Know."

The new track is part of her newest album "Plastic Hearts," which dropped just a day after Thanksgiving. As fans have some downtime in their hands because of the holiday, they were able to seriously listen and peruse some of the tracks. They eventually zeroed in on the song "WTF Do I Know" and concluded that Miley was singing about Liam. 

In the song, the lyrics go: "Maybe getting married just to cause a distraction // Here to tell you something that you don't know // Am I wrong that I moved on and I // And I don't even miss you?"

Since Miley has gotten married to just one person all through her life, it is easy to assume that if the lyrics are about someone, then it must be Liam. 

The lyrics are on the harsher side though, since it is essentially about Miley not even grieving a marriage loss. While her lyrics meant she has already moved on and have not felt a thing, singing about it actually meant she has not forgotten her ex-husband. 

Fans' reactions about Miley allegedly singing about Hemsworth are quite mix. Some hated that she "went off" on Liam in "WTF Do I Know" and said it's technically a "LIAM DRAG" (via Hollywood Life). Meanwhile, others welcomed and appreciated her as she poured out her emotions. 


As "Plastic Hearts" is Miley's first complete studio album since her divorce from Liam, it is not surprising that if she is going to sing about exes--which are normal activity for most artists--she'd sing the one that probably has made the most impact on her.  

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's relationship can be described as on-off at best. They started as early as 2009, when Miley Cyrus wasstill at the peak of her career as Hannah Montana. She was doing concerts and movies left and right, but mostly related to Disney.

However, as she started to branch out and the execs started to discuss with her about her future career plans, the first project that landed upon her is "The Last Song," a poignant movie adapted from Nicholas Sparks' book, opposite Liam Hemsworth.

They started dating in 2009 and for years, would split up and get back together repeatedly. They even gotten engaged in 2012 and broke it off in 2013. 

They rekindled their romance in 2016 and surprised their fans by marrying in December 2018. Just months later, however, on August 2019, they filed for a divorce and cited irreconcilable differences.

Since then, Miley started to get back on the dating scene and so did Liam. But people still cannot stop associating the two with each other. Fans are unlikely to forget their connection, especially when Miley keeps dropping songs about her ex.

Over the years, Miley had penned and sang a couple of songs about Liam, regardless if they were together or not. Upon their split, fans believed Hemsworth is also the subject in her song "Slide Away."

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