Only a few weeks have passed since Sabrina Parr announced that she and Lamar Odom already called off their engagement, but it appears they are back in each other's arms. Parr herself confirmed the reconcilation. 

Last week, Parr and Odom celebrated Thanksgiving together with her daughter, causing some fans to ask if they are back together (as reported by Page Six).

"So thankful to be surrounded by love on this day! Happy Thanksgiving from me to yours," she captioned the family photo. One obvious detail about the picture is that Parr was wearing her engagement ring--quite telling on the status of their present relationship.  


One fan in the comment section was compelled to say that she was confused by the photo, especially since it was only recently that Parr said she and Odom are over. It can be even remembered how Parr said Odom had some things that he had to work on alone.  

IG user clairelou125 commented, "I'm confused , as much as I like and support you guys you announced the engagement was off and you broke up but here Lamar is and you have your ring on?" 

Parr did not stop herself from clarifying, saying it is apparent that she and Odom are back together. 

Not that this development is that suprising. Rumors of their reconciliation already started going around when Odom and Parr took a trip to celebrate their one-year engagement anniversary earlier this month.

Wedding Soon?

It's not clear if their wedding plans remain the same even with this enagement, though. 

In an earler exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, nine months after they got engaged, Lamar and Sabrina revealed they already have their exact wedding date. 

"Yes we set a date, it's going to be November, 11 2021, which will be exactly two years from the day we got engaged," Sabrina revealed.

Apart from the date, Sabrina also revealed where they might be exchanging vows. "Lamar chose Miami," she said.

She even shared how they argued about this venue decision. "We kind of argued about the location for a while," Sabrina admitted.

She said she wanted the venue to be closer to their home, while Lamar wanted the wedding to be as far from it as possible. However, they eventually settled on Miami as a compromise. 

"So we were able to agree on Miami, and it was actually, you know, where we got engaged so Miami is perfect," Parr explained. 

Meanwhile, Lamar Odom's "personal issues" have never been that personal. Most fans are aware that he has addiction issues that he had been trying to curb. He revealed in his recently published autobiography "Darkness To Light: A Memoir" how his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian suffered a lot because of his drug issues.

At one point, he even threatened to kill her for calling for others' help to get him come out of his "cave" where he usually snorted cocaine. 

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