Drake just proved that he cannot only make free-flowing raps. Apparently, he can also formulate a candle that smells exactly like him!

On November 30, InStyle revealed that the 34-year-old rapper will launch his scented candles brand soon.

The fashion magazine added that the Better World Fragrance House will introduce five candles this Christmastime. As reported, it will include one scent that smells exactly like Drake.

Carby Musk, the candle that actually smells like Drake, wholly copies the scent of the personal fragrance the rapper wears.

The outlet revealed that the piece has notes of musk, ambers, suede, cashmere, and velvet.

The other four candles are named Good Thoughts, Muskoka, Sweeter Tings and Williamsburg Sleepover.

Currently, the brand already has a website, although it only contains the landing page right now. The Better World Fragrance House's Instagram account has been launched as well.

No further details have been directly posted on the social media accounts yet. However, Instyle revealed that Swiss fragrance company, Givaudan, is responsible for making the candles for Drake's Better World Fragrance House.

In one of the Revolve U episodes in September, perfumer and fragrance expert Michael Carby of the Swiss fragrance house revealed that he and his team met with Drake in Toronto.

They reportedly exchanged thoughts about writing songs and making fragrances.

The Drake-scented Carby Musk reportedly costs $80 each, while the other four retail at $48 each.

Drake has yet to confirm when his candle line will launch. Howeverm it is worth noting that he has been actively promoting it as early as June 2020.

In the line's Instagram Story a few months ago, it shared four navy blue handles with handwritten gold branding.

"@betterworldfragrances Available soon cc:@ovoniko," the caption read.

Fans Posted Hilarious Reactions

Soon after the creation of the Drake-scented candle has been confirmed, the rapper's fans were quick to share their reactions.

One fan said, "If my mom don't buy me this drake scent candle she's cut."

"Drake dropping an $80 candle that smells like him but how would I know if it's actually his scent," another one wrote.

One fan added, "What does Canada smell like?? I assume that's what Drake's new candle scent will smell like?! Lmfaooo."

Meanwhile, other Twitter users accused Drake of copying Travis Scott.

Before Drake, Scott already planned out his scented candle and perfume line.

The 28-year-old collaborated with another high-end Swedish perfume brand, BYREDO.

According to BYREDO's founder, Ben Gorham, Scott's limited edition line of colognes and candles has been in the making for many months now.

The collection, named The TRAVX "Space Range," consists of an Eu De Parfum that costs $285 each. Meanwhile, an 8oz candle is also priced at $95.

According to the official Instagram of the brand, the scent has the notes of "cosmic dust, antimatter particles, starlight, the scent of supernova, atmospheric vapor and dark nebulae."

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