Royal Thief! Employee Caught Stealing in Buckingham Palace, Selling on Ebay

One catering assistant managed to steal a number of prestigious items in the Buckingham Palace despite the stringent security in all royal residences.

On Tuesday, BBC reported that Adamo Canto pleaded guilty to stealing a "significant quantity" of royal items and selling them on eBay.

According to the news outlet, the 37-year-old catering assistant appeared before the Westminster Magistrates' Court and pleaded guilty.

Canto admitted doing three counts of theft, which he performed between November 11, 2019 to August 7, 2020.

The authorities found the stolen items inside his quarters at the Buckingham Palace's Royal Mews.

Meanwhile, the court learned that Canto's role included more cleaning. This allowed him to freely enter offices and areas that no one else can access.

Prosecutor Simon Maughan detailed that the suspect resold 37 of the stolen items on eBay for "well-under" their true worth.

The items are worth $12,000 to $120,000, but Canto sold them for over $9,000.

What Canto Stole From the Buckingham Palace

Aside from the already-sold items, the suspect also stole other pieces inside the residence.

The stolen goods include one royal state banquet photo album during Donald Trump's visit to the UK. The item costs $1,800.

In addition, he took Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton's official signed photographs.

Canto then confessed to getting the Companion of Bath medal, which belongs to the Master of the Household. He sold it online for $422.

Vice Admiral Master Tony Johnstone-Burt released a statement and revealed that he first realized the medal was missing before the Trooping the Color.

He later discovered that there were stolen items for sale on eBay.

There were 77 more items he took from the palace shop. Meanwhile, Canto also revealed that he stole other items from staff lockers, the Duke of York's storeroom, and even inside Queen Elizabeth II's Gallery shop.

District Judge Alexander Jacobs freed Adamo Canto but on conditional bail. He also warned that the suspect might face a possible jail sentence.

He will be sentenced at Southwark Crown Court at a later date.

The royal family has not responded to the incident yet.

Royal Family Saw the Worst Embezzlement Before

While Canto dirtied his name with his recent admission, it was not actually the first time someone stole the royal family's precious items.

Colonel Thomas Blood had been known as the "Man who stole the Crown Jewels" in the 1670s.

He established a close relationship with Talbot Edwards, the Keeper of the Jewels. That way, he could quickly enter the basement at the Tower of London where the Crown Jewels were being kept.

In May 1671, he arrived at the location with his "nephew" and two other men. While his "nephew" tried getting to know Edwards' daughter, Blood told the keeper that they want to see the Crown Jewels.

After unlocking the door, Blood stabbed Edwards with the sword and went on to steal the Crown Jewels.

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