Liam Neeson can't escape Melbourne in the next few weeks, as he has been busy on the set of his new action movie, "Blacklight."

According to movie producer Paul Currie, Liam hasn't done any sightseeing in one of Australia's finest cities.

Due to the strict coronavirus-safe protocols on the film production, the "Taken" star is just trapped in his hotel room while he's not on set. 

Paul told The Age, "He hasn't had time to go out to restaurants or anything like that, and we can't let him out anyway." 

He added, "He's under a very tight protection bubble."

The movie set makes sure that every department is organized into its extremely strict bubble. Each staff member carries a micro-chipped swing tag that automatically logs the places they've been to, and these are said to be checked daily. 

Paul further told the outlet that most crew members, which consists of about 270 people, haven't met yet. 

It's also unlikely that there will be a wrap party once everything is finished. 

Last month, Liam Neeson was spotted on the set wearing a face mask to protect himself and others around him from the coronavirus spread. 

"The Wrath of the Titans" actor stepped out of his trailer to meet some of the crew. 

Upon arrival in Australia, the 68-year-old was forced to spend two weeks in hotel quarantine in Sydney. 

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Liam completed his 14-day mandatory self-isolation before flying to Melbourne, where they were shooting the action flick. 

The dad-of-two's new movie is set to uplift Australia's film industry while bringing in jobs to Victorian locals in the aftermath of Melbourne's second coronavirus lockdown. 

"Blacklight" has a budget of $43 million, and Liam will portray the role of a troubled fixer for the FBI who is tasked with rescuing undercover agents out of dangerous situations. 

The film is written, produced, and directed by Mark Williams, who co-created the hit Netflix show, "Ozark." 

When asked why the movie is being filmed in Australia and not the US or the UK, Mark revealed it is due to its successful handling of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. 

"Blacklight" was filmed in various in and around Melbourne, including Mt. Macedon, where a local swimming hole was transformed into a trailer park. 

But this isn't just the only Liam Neeson movie lined up. 

Because "The Marksman" is reportedly going to be released on January 22, 2021. 

According to Deadline, Liam will play Jim, a hardened rancher in an Arizona border town who helps a boy escape the US while being chased by leaders of a Mexican drug cartel. 

The movie is directed by Robert Lorenz and is produced by Tai Duncan, Mark Williams, Warren Goz, and Eric Gold. 

Meanwhile, the action drama "Honest Thief," which had an initial release in October, will be released on digital platforms on December 8 and will be followed by Blu-Ray, DVD, and On-Demand versions on December 29. 

Liam Neeson played the role of a notorious bank robber who surrendered to the authorities, only to be double-crossed by corrupt FBI agents.  

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