Wendy Williams shared the tragic news that her mom has passed away weeks ago, but she could not remember the exact date out of grief.

Shirley Williams Died at 56 Several Weeks Ago

The talk show host said her mom, Shirley Skinner Williams, has died. The thing is, she really cannot remember the exact date, but it happened "many, many, many, many weeks ago."

Shirley passed away surrounded by her family.

Wendy has a perfect explanation why she cannot remember the date, though. 

"You know how you lose track of the day and time? All I know was it was a long time ago," the daytime talk show host, holding back tears, shared (via Page Six).

"The five of us, my mom, dad, my siblings, the five of us - she will always be here," she emotionally added.

What matters the most is that her mom passed away "beautifully and peacefully and surrounded by love," Williams further shared. 

Wendy did not specify what the cause of death was. 

Williams is feeling immense grief, like most daughters who lost their mothers. According to the host, her relationship with her mom is akin to that of two teenage girls, so losing her is like losing her best friend. 

"Gone is the best mother, the best girlfriend that a girl could ever have," Williams said, per People Magazine.

Who Is Shirley Williams?

Shirley Williams may be familiar to Wendy's fans since she has appeared on "The Wendy Williams Show" multiple times, leaving no doubt that she was her daughter's biggest fan. 

Wendy's mom once said her meal times revolved around the show and that she would have multiple TV sets opened around her home so if she would need to stand up and go somewhere else around the house, she wouldn't miss anything, as reported by the New York Daily News

"Whenever there's a show on, our friends know not to call us," Shirley said on the air one time."I know exactly when the commercials are coming on. I put the salmon in the oven (and) know it has to broil for seven minutes, and then I come back."

Apart from being the enigmatic host's mom, Shirley had an identitiy entirely her own. 

Shirley married Thomas Williams and raised not just Wendy but two other children, Wanda and Thomas Jr., in Ocean Township. Wendy is the middle child.

A1988 story in the Asbury Park Press revealed Shirley as having a noble profession. She has worked at the Bradley School in Asbury Park as a special education teacher.

Apart from teaching students with special education needs, Shirley devoted her time as a community leader through various groups such as the Monmouth County Council of Girl Scouts and the Central Jersey chapter of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs. 

In 1988, her work was recognized. She won the 1988 "Now Black Woman" award from The Drifters, a national group of Black women that designs and supports equitable and quality educational opportunities for the youth in the deprived community. 

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