Meryl Streep has been a prime example of poise and composure in a rather chaotic Hollywood world, but she was not always one when she was younger. Just like many ordinary people, she has an embarrassing story to tell about her growing-up years. 

Streep's prom was quite memorable, not because it was so good but because it was quite horrific--especially by a teenager's standard. Per People magazine, the 71-year-old actress could not quite forget that night ages ago. 

While promoting her Netflix musical, "The Prom," the enigmatic actress herself recalled how her own went. It was not particularly bad, but the actress shared it was memorable for the wrong reasons. It appears that wardrobe malfunctions have already been a part of her life, way ahead of her days as a Hollywood A-lister. 

"I had a pretty little dress that my mother had made me. It had two little spaghetti straps," Streep revealed. "I walked out to the car and I plopped down in the front seat and both spaghetti straps popped off." 

It would have been different had she already been a known actress and had a slew of assistants with her to help her with this malfunction, but at 14, the best thing she could only do was to try and "tuck" the straps underneath her dress. 

"I was 14, I had nothing to hold up the dress except my arm," she shared. "So I kept my arms pinned to my sides for four and a half hours at my prom," she added. 

These days, however, apart from no longer worrying about wardrobe malfunctions ruining her whole night, the actress also no longer has to be worried about ridicule. People around her would be smitten no matter what she wears and how she looks.

Gemma Chan of "Crazy Rich Asians" detailed how she actually sweats whenever she is around Streep on the set of the upcoming HBO Max's short story, "Let Them All Talk."

"She was really lovely," Chan described the three-time Oscar winner. "But I definitely was a bit sweaty." 

People's reactions to her are quite understandable. The actress' work on "The Prom" and "Let Them All Talk" both got raving reviews. 

According to Stephanie Zacharek of Time Magazine, her performances in both of the projects were still refreshing, in spite the fact that she has been in the business of acting for so long. The outlet described her in both projects as "casually exhilarating."

The review furthere said that it something in Streep seemed to have changed. Even though the actress has been in the industry for so long, she is still capable of delivering something new, because she is now having fun as much as she is working hard.

"This renewed sense of lightness suits her," Zacharek wrote. 

More importantly, the magazine claimed that Streep is defying the stereotypical judgement that as women age in the entertainment industry, they become irrelevant. "Streep is said to be "defying the sorry truth that good parts for women actors become scarce as they age," Zacharek added. 

According to AZ Central, even if the plot seems so simple and so slow-moving in "Let Them All Talk," Streep made the whole movie worth watching, alongside the rest of the terrific cast. On the other hand, while "The Prom" in general got scathing comments and reviews, most commonly agreed that Streep saved the musical

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