Coconut oil is a miracle oil--there's no other way to describe it. Apart from being used for cooking, it has been reported as a wonder worker as a skin moisturizer, mouthwash, and hair conditioner, among many other things. It can even kill pesky bacteria and clean your makeup brushes as effectively as those expensive commercial brush cleaners.

And because it is a miracle worker, we can add one more thing to its growing list of benefits: it can keep dandruff away! Why buy all those expensive solutions and shampoos to get rid of unsightly flakes and itchy scalp when you can make one, technically for a fraction of the cost with coconut oil? 

Why Coconut Oil?

The question is: why not?

Coconut oil is deemed to be all-inclusive alternative skin care product. Because moisture is at its core, it has been quite effective in easing many dry skin conditions that other commercial solutions cannot effectively do. 

This may include dandruff since it technically involves dry scalp, or dry skin on the head.

Although one would rather not have it, dandruff itself is quite a common condition. 

It occurs when excess skin cells accumulate and then flake off. When scratched, these areas can become itchy and irritated. The falling flakes is a ghastly sight that no one wants to see. 

That said, coconut oil can be an effective natural remedy for dandruff to avoid some embarrassing instances. Science actually backs this up.

According to several studies and experiments, the moisturizing effects of coconut oil make it promising as a dandruff buster. 

According to one study, coconut oil used in children with eczema was even so much more effective than mineral oil because the oil was able to penetrate beneath the epidermis (top layer of the skin) and serve as a barrier to help protect the skin from further dryness and inflammation. Dandruff and eczema are not the same, but they do have similar properties. If it can help with bad eczema, then it can certainly help with bad dandruff. 

Apart from its moisturizing properties, coconut oil has always been praised for its antimicrobial properties. One of its key ingredients that can fight bacteria and fungi is lauric acid. 

According to research, coconut oil can kill dandruff-causing fungus, Malassezia

Moreover, other studies showed that coconut oil can reduce inflammation and pain in general, which are usually the reasons why dry scalp can develop into dandruff. This is especially true if the dandruff is linked to psoriasis and other skin diseases. 

How To Use Coconut Oil For Dandruff

There are several things to consider when you decide coconut oil is worth a try to fight your dandruff.

First is to talk to a health expert about it, especially if you already have other medications prescribed for your scalp condition. Excess products on the scalp can irritate, even if coconut oil is a natural product. 

If you are on the clear with your doctor, it is very easy to use coconut oil for dandruff.

Just apply it directly to the scalp and comb it out throughout the rest of the hair. Apart from killing the fungus causing dandruff, coconut oil can also condition the rest of the hair. 

Leave the coconut oil on for a few minutes to make sure the oil has a chance to penetrate your hair and skin. Afterwards, rinse the oil out completely. 

If you want to it to work akin to a shampoo--lather and all--then mix it with warm water with the oil before application.  

Your hair can become smooth immediately after, but  it's worht remembering not all dandruff will be eliminated with one wash. Severe conditions will take a longer time, you just need the patience and consistency to do it over and over again. 

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