Bleaching is one of the most damaging styling processes you can do to your hair. However, thanks to coconut oil, the bleaching method can be way healthier and easier now.

To achieve the hair color that you want, hair bleaching must be done before applying the colorants.

You might opt to go blonde or gray to highlight the beauty of your hair. Nonetheless, this process cannot be friendly at all times as it simply removes the pigment from your hair.

It is important to understand how bleaching can affect your hair. But you can finally shoo your worries away with the use of coconut oil in the Philippines and other tropical countries.

How Bleaching Incorrectly Can Damage Your Hair

Craving colors are normal, but the way you achieve them may affect the quality of your hair afterward.

Nowadays, hair bleaching can only be done correctly with the help of professional hairdressers. These people are trained to determine the right amount of peroxide your hair can endure.

That way, you can safeguard yourself from further damage and dryness.

Apart from affecting your hair, it can also do several things on your scalp. If you have already tried it once, you might have felt an intense burning sensation due to the chemicals the bleach contains.

This can even lead to scabbing and unwanted infection.

But here's the good news: you can finally achieve the hair color that you want by using coconut oil after bleaching your hair.

Coconut Oil as Bleaching Agent's Partner? It's Possible!

Coconut oil in the Philippines and other Asian countries has been proven effective in keeping people's hair smooth and shiny. Its power can be seen even more when you use it to treat your damaged hair.

Since bleaching agents weaken your hair strands as you try to make your hair lighter, your hair tends to lose its protein and vitamins.

But once you use coconut oil to bring back all those nutrients, you can flaunt your colored hair healthily again.

This is because coconut oil has a low molecular weight that can enter your hair strands. Once it nourishes your hair from the inside, your bleached hair will feel soft and healthy-looking on the outside.

Furthermore, coconut oil has a medium-chain fatty acid, lauric acid, which protects your hair from more damages.

In using coconut oil for your hair, you can apply it before and after washing.

If you apply coconut oil to your hair before washing it, it prevents water to swell up your strands. Since your hair is more prone to damage when it is wet, the miracle product can decrease the amount of liquid it soaks inside.

Since your bleached hair is somewhat damaged, protecting it from other factors is also a must.

For instance, coconut oil can act as UV filters so your crowning glory will not suffer from sun damage. The product has a sun protection factor of 8, ensuring a safe getaway under the sun.

Lastly, excessive damage can cause hair loss. But with this miracle product, your bleached hair will remain in good condition to prevent this from occurring.

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