Amanda Holden just dropped a surprising update about Simon Cowell.

A few months after the dreaded bike accident occurred, Holden assured that Simon Cowell's injury is no longer keeping the music mogul on bed rest.

After Cowell underwent a risky surgery to treat his injured back, he has remained at his home in Malibu to rest. Little by little, he made a few steps on his own and felt better than ever.

During Monday's episode of "Loose Women," Holden shared an update to the panel about her pal and his current health status.

Per the 49-year-old actress, the "Britain's Got Talent" judge might make a come back to the talent show this new year since he is feeling a lot better now.

"He is, Mr. Cowell is coming back. I spoke to him on the phone a few weeks ago and he feels on top of the world and apparently he looks fantastic as well," she said, per Hello Magazine.

Holden also revealed that Cowell will be back for the new "BGT" season in January.

Her update came after the music mogul was spotted walking around Malibu on his own. He also visited his dentist to get a new set of veneers.

Meanwhile, in October, he held a low-key birthday party with Terri Seymour and her daughter Coco.

Simon Cowell's Weight Loss After Accident

Over the past few months, Simon Cowell's weight loss journey was thrown out of the picture since he needed to gain weight to recover faster.

Sinitta Malone told The Sun that the judge added protein to his diet to gain more weight.

"He's gained a bit of weight and is looking healthier. He said he had to start eating protein, calcium and break his vegan diet to rebuild his strength," Malone said.

The Beet consulted medical experts who suggested that the secret vegan diet for Cowell's weight loss can actually make him gain weight, as well.

Regardless of his current weight, his friends and family are more at ease knowing that he is a few steps closer to full recovery.

Simon Cowell To File a Lawsuit?

Following Simon Cowell's injury, the 61-year-old executive is reportedly considering suing the e-bike company.

According to earlier reports, Cowell is allegedly thinking of filing a lawsuit against Swind for selling a high-powered two-wheeler bike that almost killed him.

A former employee of the company said that the "AGT" star could seek $10 million in damages.

To recall, the $20,000-worth of e-bike caused the music mogul to undergo a six-hour overnight operation. His attending physician put a metal rod in his back during the lengthy procedure to support his spine and prevent further damage.

The Swind whistleblower further said that the injuries could have been avoided if the company oriented the user before selling the bike.

"That thing is a death trap and should never have been sold to Simon without him being taught how to use it," the source allegedly said.

The former employee reportedly asked his boss if he would show the TV personality how to use it, but he just got shrugged off.

The bike that Simon purchased can run up to 60mph, which a speed closer to a motorcycle's capacity.

Meanwhile, Simon also warned his followers about it and gave them advice.

"Some good advice... If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time," he tweeted.

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