When Prince Harry decided to step down as a senior member of the royal family, he was also forced to give up his beloved military roles. 

These titles are reportedly very important for the 36-year-old dad because it was in the military when he felt like he was just a normal person and not part of a monarchy. 

But months after his departure, the positions which he previously held are still vacant. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's exit in March will be reviewed in March 2021 by Prince William, Prince Charles, and Queen Elizabeth II. 

But royal historian Marlene Koenig doesn't think that the decision to strip Prince Harry of his military titles will be revoked next year unless he decided to return to being part and in the front of the British royal family. 

When asked if he could retain his titles despite no longer serving the Crown, Marlene told Express UK, "absolutely not" because of the consequences of his actions. 

She explained that he has to give it all up due to his decision to leave.

"He chose to leave, and he cannot fulfill the responsibilities, he's gone off to live in another country."

Marlene added, "I do like the idea that they made arrangements to go pay their respects at the Commonwealth graves at the military cemetery in Los Angeles; I don't think that was a photo op, that was not Harry's intention at all." 

If this is the case, Prince Harry will undoubtedly be forced to see other people fill in the positions and finally relinquish the military titles. 

Marlene explained that the person who will be the next Captain General of the Royal Marines, Lieutenant Commander of the Royal Navy, Major of the British Army, and the Squadron Leader of the Royal Air Force should be in the UK and is someone who would be there all the time. 

And the Duke of Sussex, unfortunately, couldn't do that. 

"Part of being a working royal are military patronages - not every member of the Royal Family gets them, but most of them do - and they need to be taken very seriously," Marlene added. 

Though it's time for Prince Harry to move on from this, he and Meghan Markle are said to be doing just fine after landing themselves a Netflix and Spotify deal months after Megxit. 

In September, the streaming giant announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed an agreement to produce movies, documentaries, and children's shows.

But them working with Netflix may cause the royal family to be nervous because they might be pressured to do "royal-themed programming."

In an article by The Sunday Times, though it is not clear how much Prince Harry and Meghan Markle deal's worth is with Netflix, but with millions getting into their pockets, "they might be expected to include royal revelations in the highbrow, uplifting content they have promised." 

"A nature documentary and an animated series about inspiring women are in the pipeline, but to what extent they may be pressured to provide royal-themed programming remains the stuff of nightmares in London." 

Additionally, their Spotify deal, Archewell Studio, their official podcast, it is also not known how much they will be making. Still, it is estimated that it is worth more than $100 million.  

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