Katy Perry can now take a long maternity leave with the help of her look alike Zooey Deschannel.

Over the years, they have often been mistaken for one another due to their similarities as both women have big blue eyes and fair white skin.

Now, the "Firework" hitmaker acknowledges their uncanny resemblance in her latest music video, "Not the End of the World."

In an almost four minute clip, the video began with the "New Girl" star sitting at a bench as she reads a newspaper, with a headline that says "It's not the end of the world."

Then came the new mom, casually walking her baby in a stroller as she accidentally dropped a fluffy toy, to which the brunette beauty immediately picked.

Cut to the scene in space where a group of aliens abducted Deschannel, thinking that she was Katy Perry.

In the latter part of the music video, the "500 Days of Summer" actress decided to go with the flow and do her part as the pop icon.

Wearing the singer's signature icy blonde hair, performed in front of the large crowd of blue aliens, donning a planet inspired dress.

Fans React to Zooey Deschanel Cameo in Katy Perry's Music Video

On the other hand, fans flocked to social media and expressed how they loved Zooey Deschanel's cameo in Katy Perry's "Not the End of the World" music video.

"The music video is cute, the concept is smart of making Zooey Deschanel to be Katy Perry, we got a music video for NOT THE END OF THE WORLD, enjoy it," one wrote.

The second user even called the collaboration a "pop culture moment."

"Zooey Deschanel as katy perry in not the end of the world lmaooo. this is a pop culture moment."

Meanwhile, an individual pointed out how the fans now have "two Katy Perry."


Katy Perry Recalled How She Once Pretended as Zooey Deschannel

In her recent Instagram Live, the pop star had a chat with Deschannel to talk about their hilarious collab.

The mother-of-one shared that fans are insisting to make another music video, as a follow up for one of Katy Perry songs "Never Worn White" which was released earlier this year.

She then explained that she just gave birth to Daisy Dove last August and won't be able to commit to her fans' request.

"I had this idea that Zooey would step in while I was taking a bit of a [maternity] leave ... for so long we've had this funny relationship ... people think we look alike," she said.

In addition, the "Roar" hitmaker also confessed about pretending to be the "Yes Man" actress when she was just an aspiring singer in L.A

"When I first got to LA, I went to the club a lot. I had no money, I had no clout, I had nothing, and sometimes I would pose as you to get into the club."

Aside from Zooey Deschannel, other fans also mentioned that Katy Perry also looked like the "Devil Wears Prada" actress Emily Blunt as both women have blonde locks.

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